Monday, December 15, 2008

New Projects

Jon has been very busy with the business, so I guess that’s a good thing right now since a lot of people are slowing down. We have been to the boat a few times and have our projects all picked out, we have even started some.
Jon’s list consist of finishing the floor and having the new holding tank made with a monitoring gauge in it, rebedding and adding some tie-downs at the bow so we can tie the dinghy bag down, rebedding the grounding plate which had started to leak in the fall and redoing the propane locker altogether. My list consist of insulating the walls in V berth, removing headliner in the V berth and main cabin and replacing them with something new and adding insulation at the some point in time. We also have hired an old friend of ours, Wally, to do our woodwork; which this project may run into spring and summer. This should be fun since HE will be doing the wood work and we will just be the helpers(woodwork: bookshelves, microwave shelf, a couple cabinets and additional storage bin).
We do plan on being the first boat in the water come spring..unless we sell the HOUSE then that’s a whole different story.
We heard from our friends Dick and Ann on S/V Grey Hound and it sounds like they are having an exciting voyage, they are in Florida on the ICW right now(wish we could be there). If you want to read about their adventures click on their blog at the left on our main page.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More work....

Jon spent last weekend at the boat doing fiberglass work and framing for the new tanks. we decided to put a bladder in for the water which is a 42 gallons but if we are lucky will be able to fill it 3/4 full. The holding tank will be sent out to have the same shape as whats there now. We will have access covers to both tanks so if we need to inspect them or need to run some wires or hoses that wont be a problem in the future.
I called Jon on Saturday around noon and he sounded like he had been tipping the bottle a little but he said he had one beer. So I asked him what he was working on and he took a moment and tried to tell me about the fiberglass work and he just did not sound right, so I told him to take a walk and air out the boat better. When I got off the phone I called Amy and asked if she would call him and talk to him for awhile and to let me know if she thought he was alright. well she called back and said he sounded googly and that she convinced him to get off the boat which at that time he realized just how stoned he was. He will ventilate a lot more after this I'm sure......
Hobie is the marina guard cat and now that the place is quiet he hopes for people to show up so he can keep them company and guard them ...... He climbs up the 12 ft ladder and manages to get in under the boat cover when Jon comes up, so Jon always shares his dinner with him.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Winter projects have begun....and so has the snow

The first project of the winter is to remove the main water tank, which was leaking and holding tank, which had to be repaired when we bought Kasidah but only as a temporary fix till we could replace it. FIRST PROJECT DONE...that was fast. Jon spent the weekend up at the boat cutting and removing the floor because the water tank was put in first when the boat was built and then the floor with no access to it (I guess they thought it would last forever), The tank was so wide that Jon had to cut it in half to get it out the companionway door. Next on the list is to rebuild the floor supports, replace old water tank with a 42 gallon flexible water bladder which has been purchased and will arrive in time for this weekend. we will take the holding tank to a guy who can make a new one out of steenless steel and at that time have a guage installed so we can stop guess at just how full the crapper is. Jon will replace the floor with marine plywood for now with access lids but we will wait till later to replace the floor itself because we are just not sure of what we want and I like having a rug under my feet so that will be fine till we decide.
Snow came early at our house and with it ice and 40 mph winds. We lost a couple trees including a huge apple tree which was full of apples over our driveway so that will be my project next week. Of course we had a couple that were suppose to look at the house from out of town today so thats not going to happen. Oh Well.......

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

They just keep getting "BIGGER"

Amy just sent some new photos and thought we would share them with you. They landed this at the base she is at so they could all get a look and feel for what’s next. This is a C-17 cargo plane. Amy was very excited about getting the opportunity to sit in the pilot seat and have a look around. This is what she has been training to fly.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sometimes good things take awhile

The boat is out of the water; it went smooth and is on dry land. She looks good no she looks “GREAT”; we did a excellent job painting her bottom last year and she still looks in awesome form. It was sad to see her come out of the water. Lots of things were passing through my mind as we put her up on stands. One of the things I wanted to mention is that sometimes, and in this case, good things come from bad/sad things. By this I mean the sad thing being that we did not sell the house, we are still on land and in New York for yet another winter, but the good thing that came out of this is that right now if we had sold the house and left, our money would have been in the stock market. So I suppose no matter how sadly I look at the fact that we are not sailing for the horizon right now we do have some good things going for us and it is always nice to have something positive to look at. We have great kids, a successful business, supportive friends and family, no health issues, no bills, a wonderful spouse, and still lots of time in our life for our future adventures!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Interesting trip to Kingston, Ont.

We left Saturday morning October 4th around 6 am for Kingston, Ont. Crew consisted of Jon, myself and Sean. Winds all week were blowing upper 20s and they were to calm down Friday night to around 10 to 15 and waves 2 to 4 ft. Everything was fine until about 2 hours out when we could see the line of dark clouds that you could tell was a new front trying to make it's way down from Canada. The whole line as far as we could see from East to West had Waterspouts lining up to drop. Now that was not in the Forecast....... Sean was at the helm and just looked and grinned. The night before Sean and I were talking about weather on the lake and he had mentioned that he had never seen a spout out on the water before and that it would be interesting(well did he get what he asked for and a little more). The boat rode the large waves perfectly and we made Kingston in time for happy hour (10 hrs.). We had a really good time up there even though it was off season and quiet. On Sunday a float plane came in and docked at the fingers that we were on, that was very cool..... The sail home was a nice one with the wind behind us so we ended up having a lot of fun surfing the large waves. It ended up taking two hours more than on the way up because we stopped into Oswego to check-in with customs, not that they check anything, it's pretty much like this- "Are you US citizens - ok have a nice day......"
Jon kept commenting on how much he loved his Offshore weather gear the whole way there and back, he said that it was well worth the investment(he bought it from the Sailboat Shop). I kept warm by zipping my new canvas up on the back of the boat which made an unbelievable differents coming home.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mississippi visit

September 8, 2008

Columbus Mississippi Visit

By Jon

So where do I start about the whole week with my daughter and her husband. I flow out on Tuesday, and from the Birmingham, AL. Airport it was to be a 2 hr drive in a rental car to Columbus Air Force Base, (CAFB). But much to my surprise Amy was just outside the security gate to greet me. I get tearful just thinking about that moment. It also meant we had at least 4 more hours together. On Wednesday morning her class of student pilots had a breakfast get to know everybody thing. Then we went into the flight room where they have pre-flight briefings, and some schooling. The Instructors were showing us what a normal day was like for our kids. They had some tuff questions for the students, but pre-feed the families the answers. Amy had the first question and it was about circuit breakers on the plane, perfect! I think she saw right away through the setup. We then saw the control tower, then the flight line. We got to see up close the plane she just finished training on, T-6 and her next trainer, T-1. Also called by the students (T-Fun), a twin-engine jet like a small corporate jet. Then it was fun time known as SIM time. (Nothing to do with Sim Redmond Band) SIM is for flight simulator. Jeremy and I flew the T-6 simulator. It is what the students trained in. VERY VERY REALISTIC, I got it off the ground and even back,... On the grass, missed the runway. Then back up and buzzed the tower. Jeremy did even better. Then Amy showed us how to do it.

That evening was the "Track Select" After six months of training and hard work; this is where they find out what they will fly next. It is a very big moment for them, and the main reason for my visit. It was a mini-graduation for them. The options for the students are; T-38 (tracking to fighters or bombers.) T-1 (tracking to heavies, re-fuelers, and transports) T-44 (tracking to C-130's) or UH-1 (Helicopter) Now for 30 2nd Lt's only 3-T38 slots where open. This is the hot spot that a lot of students try for. They can hope and put down anything they want to but it all depends on your academics and your flying skills. Now we all know by now that Amy is doing well. She did achieved TOP in her academics so some might have thought when her track came up as the T-1 that she might be all brains and a girl in a man's machine. BUT that thought was put to rest when she was awarded "Top Gun" in "Formation Flying" of her group of 30 students. Yah we're not surprised and more proud than you could imagine.

She had to report on Thursday morning, and some of Friday. But I was still able to spend a
lot of time together with her. She showed me the base and all that it has to offer. The town Of Columbus and all of their favorite spots.

Now as a parent we want the best for our kids. Let me tell you that she has a sweet deal there. Yea she puts in 8, 10, 12 hours a day between classes, studying, Sims, real flights and
other things she's required to report for. All of the pilots there are of the same mold. They
are all to be thanked for their commitment to our country. They work their ass's off.
Stress and danger are a part of life there, and they love it. They compete with each other
but at the same time they help each other with studies and family things. They would never let a fellow student just fail with out all of them helping him or her as much as they could.

On the base we take care of the student pilots and all of the other personal there. The base is very nice, they have anything and almost everything they need. The shocker to me was a 4 bay garage that they can go and work on their cars if they wish. Of course she has a nice 3-bedroom house with a back yard, fence, carport and many other things that I just can't recall.

So as Americans we do indeed take care of these people and I'm very proud of them. Most
Americans have no idea how hard these people are worked, the level of excellence to which they MUST perform, or they get moved down. And let me say that very few who have made it this far wash out . Charlie Rangel and John Kerry have not a clew thinking that this is where the kids go if they can't get a job or an education. These people are the cream of the crop in our Society. All of them volunteered. Not because they couldn't get into Collage or find a job. But because this is indeed where the best go and what the best do. Most students who just get by in our school system wouldn't even get to the interview part of signing up. They might also be intimidated by the level of management, paper work, book work, and studying involved. I even know some Marines and Navy people who say the same thing about only good smart people make it into the services. We’ve come a long was with our all-volunteer service since the 70’s. And I believe unless we make a big mistake in November, we Americans, and America will stay safe for quite some time.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A nice short sail with a BIG guy :)

The weekend was a little on the cold side but still nice. I managed to get the side and back covers complete. The windows on the back side are large enough that we can use them when the weather is a little off out on the lake.
Saturday was a nice day and after finishing some small projects we decided to go sailing. We noticed one of Dick and Ann's friends walking around the marine that we had met early in the season at one of the famous Fair Point Marina party's and asked if he would like to join us. It ended up being a great sail and he was fun to have along. We talked about making one more trip north before the season ends and it sounds like if the timing is right he will go with us but in his own boat(that's always a fun time). I love this shot of Sean "Jackson" and Jon. Now this guy is tall.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lots of wind.........

Nice warm weekend actually it was down right HOT, just the way I like it. We have moved from the Wharf to B dock because of lack of water. The dock is very narrow and it is a float dock. When we pull in or push off it is a challenge for me with the height different from dock to deck and I have long legs. On Sunday the wind picked up to about 15 knots and our very old friend Rob, meaning we have known him forever came up to go sailing with us. It was a fun day and we let Rob be at the helm all day, oh ya we forgot to tell him we do that to all that come to visit….. I hope he had a good time because he was awful quiet… Our new friends from the wharf Mark and Vicky came out with us, so all Vicky and I did was talk and laugh about things the whole time. It was a great sail.

We decided to stay Sunday night because Ike was to pass over us late that night and into morning. Jon and I were on B dock, Dick and Ann were on A dock and Mark and Vicky were on the Wharf. I don’t think any of us got to much sleep that night. Lines on boats were breaking and wave tenders were washing up on the wall and under boats. The wind was clocked at over 50 knots around 3 AM by Jon and not sure what they were gusting to. Go into our photo album and there is an album "Ike" it only has short videos in the dark but you can hear the wind and see sara's hair moving. We fared well except a minor rip in the Bimini which I will repair this week when I finish our enclosure.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend 08

The weekend and Party at the Marina could not be beat.....
On Saturday our good friend Skyler came up to spend the night and do some sailing with us.
The Fair Point Marina had their annual party and boy was it a large group of people..... Jerry and Mary do such a good job of keeping the place up and always being there to help with any needs that may come up.
Mark was the cook for the night (or should I say day and night), He roasted a pig and tons of chicken. Everyone made a dish to pass and as always everything was Delicious... The Tiki Hut was quite busy and we ran out of mixer drinks by 8:30 so off Mary went to round up more supplies. The night was filled with our very own fireworks that Billy and Mary let off on the beach(Skyler and Jon helped). Once again we thank Tim and Cheryl for doing such a great job with their Marina and letting us be apart of it.
early Saturday before Skyler showed up Jon and I entered the Fishing derby and went out fishing with Kasidah. It was just us and all the fishing boats. We did not have any luck but it was fun for Jon. He had to get the boat to ride at 2.5 knots for trolling the line behind us. so he was busy the whole time with as much wind that we had.
On Sunday we went to the Marina Pancake breakfast and everything as always was very tasty, after that we went out sailing but the wind seemed to have died down and it started to get very hot so he brought Skyler over to the dunes , pumped up the dingy, went swimming and then motored to shore for some R& R(what a rough life). When we got back to Kasidah the wind had picked up a little so we spent a couple hours just sailing around before going back to the dock. Larry and Maryann showed up at the dock with these 2 beautiful salmon (Way to go guys). Sunday night Jon decided to stay out with the boys till after 3:00 am at the RV side of the marina , I guess the fire was warmer than me..............

Monday, August 25, 2008

Good times with great people

The weekend was great. Friday we had friends John and Beth out, we meet them while sailing on Skaneateles lake a few years ago.
The weather was nice and the wind was calm but nice for a slow sail.

On Saturday we had our friends up that we met years ago when we Fox Hunted and did all that fun stuff...... Leon, Sue, Nelson and Renee. The wind was blowing all day and ended up being a great sailing day. These guys seem to always find a weekend to come visit us and we all have a great time. We hope this happens for a long long time.

I am trying to finish up my side and back drops for the Bimini. We plan on doing a few trips in September and know the nights will be chilly.

The Lake level is starting to fall so Jon has gone under the boat a few times to make sure there is lots of water between us and the bottom, so far so good.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trip North

Jill came to visit and some of her college friends (Chelsie to the left) Jody to the right) that share an apartment up in Brockport. Chelsie came for dinner and Jody spent the weekend.
This weekend we decided to take a trip up north to Long Point State Park. The weather and wind on the way up was fantastic and we made it in about 7 hours. Our average speed was 6.5.. needless to say our Northstar GPS was not working properly because of some new SAT the government put in the sky, so we are waiting for them to send us an upgrade to install to fix the problem. Once there we could not get a dock space because there were three large boats on the end dock and thats the only place for large sailboats like ours. We went in the bay and dropped anchor but it gets so weedy in there that it only took about five minutes before we started to move. Pulled the anchor and man did it have weeds on it. Jon said we would try one more time and at least we could get the dink ready and bring the dogs in for a potty. Jill and I made the trip to land and the other sailor's from Henderson yacht club which were on the end said they would help us maneuver the boat behind them on the end dock which had about 25 ft of space. They were really nice guys and docking went fine(Thanks again guys) .
We meet up with S/V Otium on the way home on the lee side of Stoney Island and as we set anchor we got to see a huge snake swimming just in front of us, I thought " i would not want to have met up with him while taking a dip of the side of the boat". Otiums owners Jeff and Cathy brought Dick and Ann with them. Dick and Ann are at our marina but last year they docked with Jeff and Cathy at Navy Point in Sackets Harbor and they were up visiting the old marina.
We had some munchies and a quick birthday cake for Jill she turned the 20. Our time was short because the wind was 15 or 20 knots and out of the south west so going home was going to be a chore. We departed from our friends around 4:00Pm
As we got out on open water the wind was reading 20 and the waves were measured at 8 ft. These waves were rollers and when they would crest they seemed much higher. After an hour or so of going west we decided to try heading in the direction of home but that put the waves crashing right on our beam so we motored about another hour and then turned south- south east to try to do some sailing in the right direction. That lasted about 2 hours then the wind started to die down and was now out of the south. So now we started motor sailing in hopes we could make several tacks and get home at a reasonable time. We made Fair Haven at about 3:oo am.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wishing the best to LOPEZ LOMONG

You go Lopez...... (double click title to read about his life)
Our family wants to wish the best to him and his family.
Rob and Barb Rogers, his Dad and Mom gave a gift to lots of young men by opening up their home and hearts to help give them a chance at living a safe and wonderful life.
Lopez would say he wanted to go to the Olympic right from the beginning of his days running in Tully and he did it....
Amy and Jill both had the honors of running with Lopez during their years at Tully High School. They even purchased yearbooks the first year he was there and told him he had to sign them because one day he would be famous. He didn't understand why they would want him to sign it, but he did......Good Luck and we will be watching...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Oswego Harborfest. WOW

We left Friday to go up to Henderson Bay which would take us about 8 hours considering what we had for wind. Well 3 hours into the trip we notice our GPS was not tracking so Jon started to mess with the antenna with no luck, so we figured no problem we would just use paper charts and just watch out for the shoals that are all around Henderson. Then the wind started to die down and we knew we may not get in till dark and it would be tricky with the entrance but we would just watch the depth and be really careful. If you know me I am a big chicken and told Jon and Jill I thought it would be nice to go into Oswego and see what was going on since we were only about an hour from there, so off we went to Oswego. There were tons of boats rafting up to each other on the walls and a lot of partying going on. On the west side there is a couple of marinas and a park and
you can anchor in front but need to stay out of the entrance because huge cargo ships turn around in there and unload. We were told to be very careful because in some parts there is only 4 or 5 ft. So we went as far down the channel as we could and then started to feel for a nice place
and watch our depth. Well the depth did not seem to be a problem we were reading 13 to 15 ft. So we anchored and had dinner brought the doggies in for a walk and then came back to check under the boat. Well apparently our depth gauge is broken too…..We had plenty of room (2 to
3ft) however in other spots it was very shallow. We definitely made the right chose to go to Oswego instead. We had so much fun that Jon talked us into staying two night and we got to see the great parade of boats and the fireworks which were right in front of us. There was a great lightning storm in back of the fireworks so it was a double feature.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Work and all play

Had a nice weekend on the boat and even managed to get some work done. I started doing some more work on the outside with netting and I am in the prosses of making a full enclosure. Jon made an extension of one of the steps that has not been right. It always went in a little more than the others so sometimes you would miss it(not good) but problem solved.

It was a hot and muggy weekend so we went to the dunes just outside little Sodus with our dinghy and had lunch.

We had the whole

beach to ourselves a a few hours. A storm started to build so back to kasidah we went.
We arrived home on Monday to find that the storm had left a mess in the yard for me to pick up. The good news is that we are having more interest in the house so we are still keeping our fingers crossed…..

Friday, July 18, 2008

Help from up above......

Jon just purchased a new Dell PDA on Ebay (of course) and while talking to the guy from the company “globalconsumerdirect” about the house and how hard of a time we are having selling it, he asked if we knew about Saint Joseph the Home Seller. He told us that he had very good luck with it and so did is sister, So we looked it up and found that its been used for a long long time to help sell homes and to help others that need your house find it. Well we need as much help as we can right now. Jon did all the things that the booklet said to and now we have a statue planted in our front yard! That was Thursday, on Friday our realtor called to mention that one of the lookers had put their house up on the market in hopes that ours will still be on when it sells and on Saturday morning another person that had looked at it back in the winter who had transferred from a job in another state and is renting right now would like to discuss the house with us. All I can say is wow that works very well…… Jon called his mother to tell her and she said that’s how she sold granny’s house a few years back. Think what you want but something is happening.
For anyone interested in the house we will throw in the Electrical contracting business with the purchase... Very profitable

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

You Decide

What a great 4Th of July weekend at Fair Point Marina. Our family all showed up and the weather was wonderful. First thing I must show everyone out there is a great shot of "Mogley" The Fair Point serpent (You Decide). We spotted him heading for the channel and I had just enough battery life for one photo.

The weather was wonderful and we had some nice fire works every night. Tim let us use the Jet ski which added to the nice time and the marina's 4Th of July party was another hit. On Sunday all of us went out sailing and reached over 6 knot with Jeremy and Amy at the Helm most of the time. Jon's Dad and Mom seemed to be having a good time and his mom Betty even managed to read a book while we were out there. Late in the day we stop just outside the channel and went swimming for an hour or so...boy is the water temp different from in the bay....we all kept an eye out for mogley.

On Monday Jon and I took the dingy out and ran the motor for a bit then we headed out the channel with it to explore the small bay next to us called"Blind sodus". the entrance is very narrow and shallow so large boats will not fit in the channel. This is a small bay with a few houses and it looks like its sheltered from the weather nicely. Jill was saying that one of her girlfriends have a cottage on the bay so we will have to go back over next week to visit.

Amy just sent some more photos of her at the base.

We are at home now getting paper work done and hurrying to do yard work so we can get back up to our real home KASIDAH.........

Monday, June 30, 2008

High in the sky

We have managed to get a lot of little things buttoned up on the boat. We started with changing a few interior lights, fans and putting up some netting in the V birth to hold our clothes in place during bad weather, we changed the rug with a sage colored one and had a binding put around it.. The mast was still rattling inside from last year and it sounded even louder this year so Jon had our dock neighbor Mark send him to the spreaders to see if he could stop the noise. Jon ended up having to fix a wire while he was up there and he managed to fish around inside and find that there is a pvc pipe in the mast that was loose so for now he was able to pull it in tight with some line and help with that irritating loud noise. We are going to try leaving the dingy in the water for awhile because we bought a 9.9 hp motor for it which is pretty heavy and we want to use it more this year. I made a quick cover for it so it won’t accumulate so much rain water and debris at the dock.

For this coming long weekend we have the kids and Jon’s parents coming to the marina so it should be a good time. We asked Tim if we could use the RV that we stayed in this year which will make it nice for Jon’s parents. Tim is letting us use it even though we found out his whole family will be there…..(What a nice guy

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"She floats again"

Kasidah is in the water and doing fine. Some people have been asking us about the extent of our work on Kasidah and we must let everyone know that this is just to make her what we want her to be: ours. If we complete the projects that we think are important then we understand her much better than if we didn't do the work. We could have left things the way they were and it would have probable been fine, because she was in good shape, but now we know that much more about her. I believe that we are simply doing the same thing everyone else does when they buy a boat: put lots of money into it.

Fair Point had a Daiquiri Party on Saturday night; it was a blast. Scott, a DJ out of Rochester we know, and Jason spun for the party, so it was a great mix of music, and the the weather turned out perfect. Thanks goes out to Tim and Cheryl……

We started to put on the sails and get the boat ready but we ran out of time. This next weekend we will bring all of our boat crap up in one of the company trailers because there is so much of it. We plan to put stuff back together and try to finish the locker shelves, nav. cabinet shelf, new book shelf and a larger garage door. Jon made the garage door opening larger so he could work in there (he was too wide to fit before). After these projects we will only be doing small things unless the house sells. We want to be able to enjoy the boat for a little while before the summer ends.

It looks like Amy and Jeremy will be coming up for the 4th of July, so now the push is on to get the boat in ship shape before they arrive.

Fair Point not only is a great place to be but the all of the people are wonderful and the sunsets are to die for.

This is Bob and Terri and of course one of the many golf carts at the marina and RV resort. These folks seem way to nice to be real, and the nice thing is that they are at Fair Point with us....

~One Love~

(Edited by Jill Libby)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Now or Never

We have been very busy between working on the boat and trying to keep the house up, (just in case we have any lookers). The reality of the situation is that unless we sell the house within the next month, luck be with us, we may not get out there this fall.

Last weekend we finished some of the bottom paint, cetoil, painted some lockers, hung the rudder and put the last coat of paint on (p.s. it looks good). Jon ran some new hoses to the maserator pump and added a new pump so that the shower drains over board instead of to the bilge. He fired up the engine and checked all of the running parts to ensure that it is in tip top shape for the up and coming season. The frig is up and running and we have also started to put things in the cabin away so it is looking like a boat and not a workshop.

I took Jon's stitches out at the camper on Sunday night (that was fun)after a long day of work.

We decided at the last minute this past week to sand the top blue stripe on the hull and repaint it. It had a lot of brush marks and scuffs so anything would have look better. The final sanding job came out great. This morning I put a coat of blue on and it came out pretty well for me doing it. However, the guy that does a lot of painting and finishing work came by and ask if I was going to put another coat on. I wasn't planning on it, but he said it could be done in about two hours, so I did it, but I am not happy with the final product. Oh Well. I am going to try some compound on it in the morning and see if I can make it look any better. Although it does look better than before we started, it seems spotty and just does not look right.

We have decided to try to get in the water on Sunday and finish up the work from the dock so if we want to go out for a sail we can. Also, this way, we won't miss the entire season if we end up here again this winter.

~One Love~
(Edited by Jill Libby)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This was a nice long weekend with lots of things to do and not to DO. We finished sub panel in cockpit, removing some of the old hoses to the Gulper and bulge and replaced them with new ones, we adding new thru-hulls and patched some old ones up, new deck hardware for the dodger was installed which meant taking some headliner down, we put 2 more of the batteries back in, the rudder was brought back up to the boat and unloaded for next weekend. We even did some cleaning and vanish work on top completed. Saturday we also noticed the the hot water tank was leaking so we will need to get some parts for that, Jon thinks that this is what might have emptied the main water tank, even if this is true we will probably replace the water tank.

Tim had a great opening party for everyone with of course the Tiki bar and a great band called The Swivel Rockers. Thanks Tim
On Sunday Jon was doing some epoxy work on the hull and was kneeling down under the back end of Kasidah and stood up quick to meet her propeller face first. I would say she won.