Thursday, June 12, 2008

Now or Never

We have been very busy between working on the boat and trying to keep the house up, (just in case we have any lookers). The reality of the situation is that unless we sell the house within the next month, luck be with us, we may not get out there this fall.

Last weekend we finished some of the bottom paint, cetoil, painted some lockers, hung the rudder and put the last coat of paint on (p.s. it looks good). Jon ran some new hoses to the maserator pump and added a new pump so that the shower drains over board instead of to the bilge. He fired up the engine and checked all of the running parts to ensure that it is in tip top shape for the up and coming season. The frig is up and running and we have also started to put things in the cabin away so it is looking like a boat and not a workshop.

I took Jon's stitches out at the camper on Sunday night (that was fun)after a long day of work.

We decided at the last minute this past week to sand the top blue stripe on the hull and repaint it. It had a lot of brush marks and scuffs so anything would have look better. The final sanding job came out great. This morning I put a coat of blue on and it came out pretty well for me doing it. However, the guy that does a lot of painting and finishing work came by and ask if I was going to put another coat on. I wasn't planning on it, but he said it could be done in about two hours, so I did it, but I am not happy with the final product. Oh Well. I am going to try some compound on it in the morning and see if I can make it look any better. Although it does look better than before we started, it seems spotty and just does not look right.

We have decided to try to get in the water on Sunday and finish up the work from the dock so if we want to go out for a sail we can. Also, this way, we won't miss the entire season if we end up here again this winter.

~One Love~
(Edited by Jill Libby)

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Schyler & Laure said...

DO NOT buff the Fresh paint.It should harden for a while before you touch it.Jon can swim around the boat later this summer and play with it, if you think it will need it.
FYI, CNN ranked the Syracuse housing market 4th best in the country(not that Ted Turners network is all that trust worthy)