Saturday, January 30, 2016

Visiting with the Kids

Shopping in Lucaya
What a great time having the kids come to Grand Bahamas to
visit with us. Jon and I couldn't wait to see all of them especially our grandson Cal.
All of us in front of Kasidah

Jill and Ari at Rum Runners

Enjoying the beach
The weather was not looking very good for the week with a high chance of rain everyday and temps in the low 70s.
Playing in the sand
As it turned out we had a few days of really nice weather and only two that were cold and rainy,which we still had a great time.
Perfect beach for Cal

Cal got to go to the beach several times and really loved playing in the sand then walking out in the clear water and sitting down to watch little pieces of sea grass float by.

We brought him to a beach right around the corner that is very shallow and fabulous for small kids to play on and wade in the water without worrying about big waves.

Cheerio time

Captain Cal
He also came on Kasidah every morning to wake grandpa and me up and have a cup full of Cheerios.

The last day He went for a dinghy ride with his mom and Grandpa, I do believe he really enjoyed that.
First Dinghy ride

Can you find the lobster
snorkeling with Jill and Ari
There was a really nice day right in the middle of the week that the kids took the opportunity to go snorkeling,we borrowed Dunkin's dinghy so we could all go out at one time making it easier getting in and out of the water.

Jeremy took one of the Hawaiian slings and Jon had his Go Pro. When Jeremy came back he had a nice size Lobster and when Jon came back he had a nice Go Pro, someone must had dropped it off their head when they were there earlier in the week.

Amy's birthday was the last night here so Jeremy brought her to Lucaya for dinner at Le Med,Ari and Jill went to the restaurant here on the resort called Ocean Blue and Jon and I got to play with Cal.
I believe we had the best time........

Friday, January 1, 2016

Great Harbour Cay then off to ORYC

Oh how time fly's by as we get older, it seems like we just got here and now our season is half way over.
The Girls at Thanksgiving Dinner
We had a wonderful time in the Berry Islands with old friends and new ones too. We had many storms and fronts come in this year so not as much fishing as we would have liked.

Blue Hole
Lauren and Cassidy
While in the Berry's we had lots of fun with new friends on a boat called Ditchd (Clark,Lana and Faith). They were nice enough to host our Thanksgiving dinner and invite us to head off to the Blue Hole for a fun day of exploring. The whole group had a blast.
We played tennis on a clay court and had the opportunity to play with two brothers(Lauren and Cassidy) who were stuck there because of all the storms, on their lobster boat.They were a lot of fun to play with and we got to here some great story's of hunting for lobsters and about their home in Spanish Wells which is east of the Berry Islands.
Crab we released after photo

The marina is looking better and better every year we go back thanks to Hans the marina manager and all his staff.Sam,Kim,Meco and Meco work at the marina so that was really cool to talk and hang with them all.
New Gazebo at GHC
We were able to visit Sara's grave a few times and touch up her stone with some new paint and add a few more conch shells.
One day we went through the mangroves on the west side of the island and came out on the east side called Sharks creek, this was very cool because we have always tried to find the cut but always ended up down the wrong one which you need a high tide to make it all the way.

click to seeVideo of beach with Blue

We lost our dinghy anchor while out fishing in about 25 feet of water and Jon dove trying to find it with no luck then as luck would have it a few days later we were going past the area to get to a beach and there the bobber was floating as to say come and get me. the next day we stopped at a beach to clean some fish and a 4ft black tip shark was close to shore looking for food so when Jon started cleaning the fish the shark was right there to help himself( watch the video).

Noah and Barry
Jon helped our friend Barry one day with an issue he was having on his boat so it gave Jon and him a chance to catch up.Barry brought his daughter Liberty and son Noah over to visit with me. They are getting sooo big and they are both beautiful just like their parents inside and out.

Rainbow Runner
It was a lot of fun and maybe we will stay longer next time but this year we wanted to go see some other cruising family so off to ORYC.