Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This was a nice long weekend with lots of things to do and not to DO. We finished sub panel in cockpit, removing some of the old hoses to the Gulper and bulge and replaced them with new ones, we adding new thru-hulls and patched some old ones up, new deck hardware for the dodger was installed which meant taking some headliner down, we put 2 more of the batteries back in, the rudder was brought back up to the boat and unloaded for next weekend. We even did some cleaning and vanish work on top completed. Saturday we also noticed the the hot water tank was leaking so we will need to get some parts for that, Jon thinks that this is what might have emptied the main water tank, even if this is true we will probably replace the water tank.

Tim had a great opening party for everyone with of course the Tiki bar and a great band called The Swivel Rockers. Thanks Tim
On Sunday Jon was doing some epoxy work on the hull and was kneeling down under the back end of Kasidah and stood up quick to meet her propeller face first. I would say she won.


Anonymous said...

If you only had more Hair

Fair Point said...
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Fair Point said...

I just clicked on the thumbnail photo of John's wound to open up the larger image. I wish I hadn't. That gash is nasty!