Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On the road again.......

We left the marina yesterday at 1600 and went to our first stop which was only and hour away. We stayed over at our good friends house Schyler and Laurie, they live in Skaneateles and we all have been so busy we really wanted to get caught up with whats been going on in each others world. We are now in Tully which is only about 20 minutes farther down the road, we are making dinner for our good friend Diane (this is where our mail gets sent then Diane throws it All away).
Tomorrow we will head to Jill's house in Connecticut for a few days. Visit with her and Jon's family which are close by, and if we have time maybe we will see Rick and Pam (They are the folks we bought Kasidah from).
This is a link to photos we took during the 2010 summer at the marina, some are work photos and some are family and friends. All good memories... Summer 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

They watch & wait......

Every morning these guy's are just hanging around in the trees by the beach waiting for something to wash up or drop dead so that they can have a feast. Blue and Sara think they need to bark at them till they leave, so it's become a morning ritual to find the Vultures.