Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wifi is up and running

We finally have Wifi at the camper, (thank you Tim) so I can keep the blog up to date a little better.
The weather is still a little chilly here but since we are busy in the yard working it does not seem to be as bad as when we were in the Bahamas with the cold and high winds.
Over the weekend a huge front came through and plenty of limbs feel which had to be picked up after, some minor damaged to some of the RVs and boat covers needed to be addressed also.
As of right now my job duties are cleaning club houses, restrooms, mowing both marina and RV sites, filling in at office, painting, fixing things and just making the place look good for the season. Jon’s duties are helping Jerry the dockmaster with putting docks in the water, stepping masts and launching of boats, coordinating all the work for the new dock systems that are going in, doing any electrical upgrades or repairs that are needed for the Marina-RV park and purchasing of new equipment for launching and hauling of boats.
The day goes by fast right now because there are so many little things to do, but once the boats all go in the water it should slow down a bit, at least for me.

Lake Ontario is low this year, down 2 feet right now so hopefully some of these storms will bring a little more rain and less cold air…….

Jill came to visit with one of her best friends from college, Chris.... she will miss hanging out with him, what a great friend to have......

We just finished cleaning out a 14ft trailer we had from the business and never got around to selling last year, so we can haul all of Jill’s crap to Connecticut where she will be for the next few years. When we finish that we will have to sell that and a Dodge truck we still have that are just sitting here at the marina. This will give us a little more in our kitty for our next winter in the Bahamas or where ever we go.
We have been going over some of the purchases we made for Kasidah and places we have stopped on our journeys and figured we would sit down soon and give our opinions about them…..not that many will care, but this way we will have them for future references.

This is a boat that just came up from New York City, They stopped in Castleton on Hudson to drop the mast for the canal system and found the wood we left last year when we went through. Our name is all over it.....