Monday, September 22, 2008

A nice short sail with a BIG guy :)

The weekend was a little on the cold side but still nice. I managed to get the side and back covers complete. The windows on the back side are large enough that we can use them when the weather is a little off out on the lake.
Saturday was a nice day and after finishing some small projects we decided to go sailing. We noticed one of Dick and Ann's friends walking around the marine that we had met early in the season at one of the famous Fair Point Marina party's and asked if he would like to join us. It ended up being a great sail and he was fun to have along. We talked about making one more trip north before the season ends and it sounds like if the timing is right he will go with us but in his own boat(that's always a fun time). I love this shot of Sean "Jackson" and Jon. Now this guy is tall.


Jackson said...

The canvas looked great! and I had a great time with y'all.

dick & anne said...

is Jackson tall or is Jon just really short??????