Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mississippi,"Here we come"

Jon and I are off to Mississippi for a week to be with Amy for Graduation. This is when Amy officially gets her pilot wings from the Air Force. We are very proud of her and can’t wait to see her.
We spent this past Saturday at the boat; the temp was around 60 so it was nice and warm to get a few more things done. I finished the V berth and cleaned it up for sleeping on when we get back home from Mississippi. I also had enough time to do a light sanding on the bottom and prep for the bottom paint which will be done some time in April(depending on weather). Jon worked some more on the propane locker, he added a wall inside and opened that one up from the galley to give me more storage room. The new Propane locker outside will still have enough room for three tanks. With the temp warmer he was able to do a few coats of epoxy and with the way he was singing to himself I think it was going well. I did not take photos but will start taking many more when we get back.
Our planned projects when we return will be. Finish Propane locker, hoses and sensors. Button up new lockers and hatches. Start repairing and replacing stuff on bottom in preparation to put Kasidah in water, which will make working on her much easier. Jon needs to rebed a few bolts, change a thru hull, add the new smart transducer for the new ST70 and deal with the loose pin in the rudder (this will be the hard one). I will clean and do any last touch ups on her, put a coat of cetol on the wood, give her a wax job, rebed any thing on the top side that looks like it needs it and we will both replace the main winches that we took off in the fall to clean.
This is a photo of the table. We had a small area on one side cut out so when it is folded up we can fit around it without having to open it to slide into the seat.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Jill visits Tennessee

Lynchburg Tennessee: Jill standing next to ole' Jack Daniel looking over the distillery that holds about 70 million gallons of Whiskey on average. Now shes a proud member of the NRA and of Jack Daniel's whiskey!!! hahahaha.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Work,Work and more Work

We spent Saturday at the boat working on the V-berth ceiling and the propane locker. The new headliner was a pain in the ass but it is DONE (in the V-Berth)...I will go in next week and clean it up add a little varnish and have the Berth ready for sleeping in since the weather is getting to the point that it will not dip under freezer for too long except at night.
Jon worked on the propane locker, cutting more holes in the deck "not for the light hearted". Schyler gave Jon some great advice on how to do the new locker door and how to close off the old one. He was very happy with the way it was turning out. We pulled out the stove unit and will figure out how much new line we need and how to route it next week.
While we were there Ken and Joyce from B dock stopped by to say Good Bye. She has taken a job in the Boston area and they will no longer be with us at the marina. They are thinking about being live-aboards down there in The Boston harbor. We had lots of fun times with them and hope to see them some time in our sailing adventures..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring is coming

We managed to get a little work done on the boat this weekend. Jon cut the hole and had some of the epoxy in for the propane locker. This will probably take the next few weeks to complete and run new propane lines. We both worked on the V berth headliner which looks pretty good so far. The side walls are all insulated and I will add the over head part of insulation this weekend when we go up. I will take some photos to put on of the V berth this coming week.
We had our windlass and chain all set up in the basement and Jon was having fun connecting everything and letting it drop as though it were in the chain locker. We also hooked up a wireless remote and chain counter that arrived this week and played around with them. We bought the chain for the windlass from a company in Florida and when Schyler came home from Key West he picked it up. The company is Secure Chain and Rope Co. if you need chain give them a call.