Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween

To all of you out there….Happy Halloween

This weekend started out nice and warm with just a little rain. We managed to get a lot done on the boat. My projects are the sewing and interior d├ęcor….I started the interior cushion backs and removing all the buttons (80) on the exterior cushions that had started to just fall off because they had steel backs and started falling off one at a time. I also started repairing the dodger and bimini. The dodger had three zippers that needed to be replaced and a few rips. The bimini is really worn all around the outside from mildew so I will replace the 3 inch material. I am fixing them and not replacing because they still have a few years left to them and by then I should be really good at this new “job”.

Jon started cleaning the bilge and after a while decided the best way to get the smell out was to start at the top….so out came all hoses and anything else he could pull out. He has started a list of what he wants as far as electrical panel and units. He has decided to have a locker door in the aft cabin which is also part of the nav station which will house all the circuits and wire that he will need to get at. Some of the items he has asked me to look for and start to buy over the next month are- Bilge pump, wash down pump, shower sump pump, deck fitting, Inverter/charger, ham radio, windless, ss coil, heater w/ ac, panel, and lots of hoses…..Just a start to his madness ha ha.

Saturday night we went to the Little Sodus inn but some how ended up at the Pleasant Beach inn with Tim and Cheryl. Everyone was dressed for Halloween and it was a good time… Later that night the wind really picked up and it was a very noisy and cold (40 F) night on the boat. The next morning everything looked fine except the door zippers both broke. You know I looked at those a week ago and said I really should replace them. Oh well Should a- could a- would a…………

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nice Weather

This is Unreal

The weather is just astonishing for Upstate New York. Warm, sunny and even when it did decide to rain it was pleasurable. Now if the weather could be like this every year this would be the place to be. I do love it here but the winters are usually so long and very bitter with no sun for weeks.

Jon and I worked on getting the cover on this weekend, which went relatively well considering it was our first time doing it. Then we had to decide what to bring home with us this trip. We decided to just pack as much as we could and fill up next week also.

We filled the bilge with a new product that would eat away the 30 years of “god only knows what is in there stuff”, it is 100% biodegradable so we thought we would give it a try. I have decided to do my own sewing for the boat so started to bring the cushions and other things that I will attempt to either fix or replace on the boat. I will post photos as I do them (who knows maybe I will get really good and make some money at this…..)

Jon has started pulling lots of stuff off the boat so that he can get some of the tanks removed and rework the wiring at the same time, the boat will be a true mess over the winter but well worth it.

Jon and I took turns going out Sunday on an 18ft cat in the bay with Tom one of the other sailors at the marina. It was a lot of fun and great weather for it. I never realized how fast you could cruise on one of them. Thanks Tom for the great treat…..

Once again we went to Pleasant beach inn for dinner and it was great, Thanks to”H”.

Next Saturday the Little Sodus Inn is having a Halloween Party so a few of us are heading there for some amusement. Stop in and say hello if you’re in the area.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Haulout Day

Yes today was the day….


Very Sad for me but Jon said he was happy because he knows all the thing that he will be doing over the cold dreary winter months on Kasidah to improve her and upgrade her for our voyage.

It was very nice weather for the first part, then by early afternoon the thunder, rain and cold set in. Things seem to go very smooth and Kasidah made it to her spot on dry ground for the winter.

Leif Erikson Day

Well you all may not know it but today is National Leif Erikson Day as Proclaimed by Congress in 2002. And since we have an Ericson named after the famous pioneers of yesteryear, I'm taking today off and hauling the boat out of the water. I think Mr. Erikson and Mr. Bruce King (Ericson's designer and Architect) would back me up on this idea. Now lets all celebrate as congress would want us to.


Monday, October 8, 2007

What a great October weekend for upstate New York

What a wonderful last weekend before haul out.

Jon and I want to thank everyone who came up and sailed with us this summer, it was a wonderful time for us and to have lots of fun people to share it with was incredible….

When we arrived Thursday afternoon the bay was engulfed with fog and it made for some great pictures, later on it looked to be a great sunset so we asked our dock neighbors for next year if they would like to go out for a sunset sail, not much wind but a to die for sunset. This whole weekend was wonderful and warm. All the friends and guest aboard had a lot to do with it furthermore.

Saturday morning Scott, Lora and Anthony sailed for a few hours in very light wind but nice. On Saturday afternoon Bud and Marcia came up from Tully and sailed all afternoon and ended with some very heavy rain at the end of the sail but with the warm air it was fine (this happened to them before). While we were out sailing we were alongside another sailing vessel from our marina and they started tacking around very fast which made us take note and try to figure out what they were up to, a couple minutes later as he picked up his original course next to us he said that they had to do a dog overboard drill!

We woke up Sunday to 20 plus winds and some nice swells so before taking Kasidah’s sails down and rigging Jon, Scott and Robert took a morning sail. I went to the channel to take some photos and to see how she moved from a land view. What a wonderful treat to see just how nice she takes on the waves and plows thru cresting waves.

That afternoon we took down the sails and some of the rigging.

So Now I would Say It’s Over……..At least the best part………..

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Rick and Pam previous owners of Kasidah

This is Rick, Pam and Molly. They are the previous owners of Kasidah. They decided to buy this beautiful trawler and maybe do the Great Loop in the near future (we hope they stop by if we are still on Ontario lake at that point). We just heard from them and they are having a great time on the water off the coast of Connecticut. Jon and I can thank them for the wonderful job they did on keeping Kasidah so beautiful and making our job easier. It’s always nice to meet and keep in touch with people you meet along the way in life. You should look the meaning of their boats name up! Kallipygos

Monday, October 1, 2007

It's still not over.....

This is Ken and Joyce getting their boat ready to be hauled out next weekend (very sad when this happens). We had a great weekend and can’t believe that it is still this warm out and the sailing is excellent…. “Yes” we should have started to get the boat ready yesterday also but Jon looked at the weather for next weekend and twisted my arm and begged to stay in for one more weekend of great weather and sailing. I thought long and hard (2 seconds) and said yes-not a problem. When this happens I am always afraid of what might happen. You now how the New York weather is, one day 80 and sunny and the next snowing like there’s no tomorrow. Well all I can say is you only live once and if you worry about everything life will have no meaning……Cheers to all.

Saturday evening we went by boat to Pleasant Beach Inn (PBI) for dinner with Jeremy and Amy, as usual dinner was fantastic. The clams and crab dip were the top pick of the night.

Sunday we went sailing thinking it was the last time this year, came back to dock and then decided to do one more weekend. That night we got everything ready to go home and Jon went to drop off a CD of Sim to Scott who’s a DJ in Rochester (great guy, perfect job for him) he was headed out for work and wanted to hear some more of their music. We ended up seeing his girlfriend and Robert, he's one of the guys that work at the marina, they wanted to go out with us for a sunset sail. Great night for it and hopefully we can get Scott out next weekend he will definitely love it because he hang glides and loves the tranquility you find in it just like sailing. We ended up leaving the boat late but that’s all well worth it in the end……..