Monday, July 28, 2008

Oswego Harborfest. WOW

We left Friday to go up to Henderson Bay which would take us about 8 hours considering what we had for wind. Well 3 hours into the trip we notice our GPS was not tracking so Jon started to mess with the antenna with no luck, so we figured no problem we would just use paper charts and just watch out for the shoals that are all around Henderson. Then the wind started to die down and we knew we may not get in till dark and it would be tricky with the entrance but we would just watch the depth and be really careful. If you know me I am a big chicken and told Jon and Jill I thought it would be nice to go into Oswego and see what was going on since we were only about an hour from there, so off we went to Oswego. There were tons of boats rafting up to each other on the walls and a lot of partying going on. On the west side there is a couple of marinas and a park and
you can anchor in front but need to stay out of the entrance because huge cargo ships turn around in there and unload. We were told to be very careful because in some parts there is only 4 or 5 ft. So we went as far down the channel as we could and then started to feel for a nice place
and watch our depth. Well the depth did not seem to be a problem we were reading 13 to 15 ft. So we anchored and had dinner brought the doggies in for a walk and then came back to check under the boat. Well apparently our depth gauge is broken too…..We had plenty of room (2 to
3ft) however in other spots it was very shallow. We definitely made the right chose to go to Oswego instead. We had so much fun that Jon talked us into staying two night and we got to see the great parade of boats and the fireworks which were right in front of us. There was a great lightning storm in back of the fireworks so it was a double feature.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Work and all play

Had a nice weekend on the boat and even managed to get some work done. I started doing some more work on the outside with netting and I am in the prosses of making a full enclosure. Jon made an extension of one of the steps that has not been right. It always went in a little more than the others so sometimes you would miss it(not good) but problem solved.

It was a hot and muggy weekend so we went to the dunes just outside little Sodus with our dinghy and had lunch.

We had the whole

beach to ourselves a a few hours. A storm started to build so back to kasidah we went.
We arrived home on Monday to find that the storm had left a mess in the yard for me to pick up. The good news is that we are having more interest in the house so we are still keeping our fingers crossed…..

Friday, July 18, 2008

Help from up above......

Jon just purchased a new Dell PDA on Ebay (of course) and while talking to the guy from the company “globalconsumerdirect” about the house and how hard of a time we are having selling it, he asked if we knew about Saint Joseph the Home Seller. He told us that he had very good luck with it and so did is sister, So we looked it up and found that its been used for a long long time to help sell homes and to help others that need your house find it. Well we need as much help as we can right now. Jon did all the things that the booklet said to and now we have a statue planted in our front yard! That was Thursday, on Friday our realtor called to mention that one of the lookers had put their house up on the market in hopes that ours will still be on when it sells and on Saturday morning another person that had looked at it back in the winter who had transferred from a job in another state and is renting right now would like to discuss the house with us. All I can say is wow that works very well…… Jon called his mother to tell her and she said that’s how she sold granny’s house a few years back. Think what you want but something is happening.
For anyone interested in the house we will throw in the Electrical contracting business with the purchase... Very profitable

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

You Decide

What a great 4Th of July weekend at Fair Point Marina. Our family all showed up and the weather was wonderful. First thing I must show everyone out there is a great shot of "Mogley" The Fair Point serpent (You Decide). We spotted him heading for the channel and I had just enough battery life for one photo.

The weather was wonderful and we had some nice fire works every night. Tim let us use the Jet ski which added to the nice time and the marina's 4Th of July party was another hit. On Sunday all of us went out sailing and reached over 6 knot with Jeremy and Amy at the Helm most of the time. Jon's Dad and Mom seemed to be having a good time and his mom Betty even managed to read a book while we were out there. Late in the day we stop just outside the channel and went swimming for an hour or so...boy is the water temp different from in the bay....we all kept an eye out for mogley.

On Monday Jon and I took the dingy out and ran the motor for a bit then we headed out the channel with it to explore the small bay next to us called"Blind sodus". the entrance is very narrow and shallow so large boats will not fit in the channel. This is a small bay with a few houses and it looks like its sheltered from the weather nicely. Jill was saying that one of her girlfriends have a cottage on the bay so we will have to go back over next week to visit.

Amy just sent some more photos of her at the base.

We are at home now getting paper work done and hurrying to do yard work so we can get back up to our real home KASIDAH.........