Thursday, October 9, 2008

Interesting trip to Kingston, Ont.

We left Saturday morning October 4th around 6 am for Kingston, Ont. Crew consisted of Jon, myself and Sean. Winds all week were blowing upper 20s and they were to calm down Friday night to around 10 to 15 and waves 2 to 4 ft. Everything was fine until about 2 hours out when we could see the line of dark clouds that you could tell was a new front trying to make it's way down from Canada. The whole line as far as we could see from East to West had Waterspouts lining up to drop. Now that was not in the Forecast....... Sean was at the helm and just looked and grinned. The night before Sean and I were talking about weather on the lake and he had mentioned that he had never seen a spout out on the water before and that it would be interesting(well did he get what he asked for and a little more). The boat rode the large waves perfectly and we made Kingston in time for happy hour (10 hrs.). We had a really good time up there even though it was off season and quiet. On Sunday a float plane came in and docked at the fingers that we were on, that was very cool..... The sail home was a nice one with the wind behind us so we ended up having a lot of fun surfing the large waves. It ended up taking two hours more than on the way up because we stopped into Oswego to check-in with customs, not that they check anything, it's pretty much like this- "Are you US citizens - ok have a nice day......"
Jon kept commenting on how much he loved his Offshore weather gear the whole way there and back, he said that it was well worth the investment(he bought it from the Sailboat Shop). I kept warm by zipping my new canvas up on the back of the boat which made an unbelievable differents coming home.

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