Monday, June 30, 2008

High in the sky

We have managed to get a lot of little things buttoned up on the boat. We started with changing a few interior lights, fans and putting up some netting in the V birth to hold our clothes in place during bad weather, we changed the rug with a sage colored one and had a binding put around it.. The mast was still rattling inside from last year and it sounded even louder this year so Jon had our dock neighbor Mark send him to the spreaders to see if he could stop the noise. Jon ended up having to fix a wire while he was up there and he managed to fish around inside and find that there is a pvc pipe in the mast that was loose so for now he was able to pull it in tight with some line and help with that irritating loud noise. We are going to try leaving the dingy in the water for awhile because we bought a 9.9 hp motor for it which is pretty heavy and we want to use it more this year. I made a quick cover for it so it won’t accumulate so much rain water and debris at the dock.

For this coming long weekend we have the kids and Jon’s parents coming to the marina so it should be a good time. We asked Tim if we could use the RV that we stayed in this year which will make it nice for Jon’s parents. Tim is letting us use it even though we found out his whole family will be there…..(What a nice guy


Schyler & Laure said...

Hi guys! Great to see your boat in the water. Our little Lightning No. 30 will be in Friday. Schyler has been working like a dog getting the boat ready for the Regatta this weekend. Libby has been helping out alot lately as well. Rob was by....geez, just check out the Blog. Have a great weekend this 4th with your family. Say hello to everyone. Hopefully next weekend Schyler and I can relax on the Pearson!

Schyler & Laure said...

Oops, I was typing too fast. It's Lightning No. 39!!!

Russell said...

I've got the noisy mast problem too. Last year I replaced my rigging and rewired the mast, when they put it back in, all the form wire wrap was not reinstalled, ouch. The wake from a duck landing near by makes it rattle. This winter, mast out again and I'll do the PVC pipe wrapped in form solution.

There is always something.
Varuna 36c

Anonymous said...

You guys are cool! Jerry