Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Thanks Sid for the info on the rudder shoe. Jon spent some time last night taking the shoe off and you were right on about it. Jon thinks the pins are naval bronze? We will have to see about this.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Cover is off

Yes....over the weekend we pulled the cover off and did some cleaning on deck, hopefully that is the last time for the cover. We did lots of odd small jobs and helped at the marina which made for a fun weekend. Dick and Ann from Grey Hound came in for the night so we caught up on all thier great travel stories and dos and don'ts for us newbies.

Monday, May 18, 2009

It's starting to come together

This week has been hectic for Jon and I; besides working on Kasidah, we have been doing some major cleaning in the house, in the yard, and of course real work. YES unlike many people in this country that say they like going to work because they don’t have to do much except sit around, Jon and I work our asses off to be successful. I guess that’s what is starting to happen isn't it? You go to work to rest….you owe lots of money and just don’t pay it.

What the hell happened to responsibility or accountability………

Sorry about that but I just had to get that off my chest….can't fully explain to you how hectic its been for us. ;)

We can finally start to see the work that we have been doing on Kasidah the past few months all coming together. Jon finished the glassing on the outside of the propane locker and it came out perfect. He said 'it all had to do with having the right tools' (thanks Schyler). We have the primer on it but will wait to do the whole cockpit so that the colors match
up. The new glassing is under the cushions any how so we aren't too worried about that part. The new head is installed and looks great; all Jon has to do is replace the anti-siphon piece that broke when he was moving it.

Good thing it is being replaced because the thing was beat to crap!

We also managed to install the cockpit fresh water shower “hot and cold” running in. The only thing it needs is the hoses ran down below. Next weekend we will button all those things up and bring the majority of our belongings up. Oh yeah! and if we can manage, we will also try to have a little fun and relax a bit for the up coming Holiday…….

Edited by Jill Libby

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring has come.

Jon and I have been very busy as you all know on the boat and at the house. We are hoping that in the next month we are “so busy” that we won’t know what we’re doing or where we’re going….more on that later.
We managed to get the holding tank, both water tanks and the engine up and running. I have running “hot” water again. Jon spent a little extra time rerouting the new hoses to the tanks and head but I think he will still be playing with them on Sunday. The propane locker looks great, he only needs to secure the tanks down and that project will be finished. The wenches are back on the boat and ready. Jon did most of the bonding on Sunday and as usual just ran out of parts so will finish that up next time. All insulating except overhead in main cabin is done. I will wait till this summer to do it when Wally the woodworker comes to do the new bookshelves. We cut a new section out in the aft cabin for storage. It was always there but things seemed to get lost in that deep dark spot that you could just barely get your arm in and try to guess what you had in you hand. We also put a coat of varnish on hatches, wheel and cowl boxes which is a cleaner job undercover. We added new LED lights to the Nav. station and put a nice Fluorescent in the aft cabin so when Jon is in the engine compartment he can see what he is working on. We just bought LED dome lights for the V berth and Main cabin, but will have Fluorescents for the Galley and Head, I need some bright lights in some of the boat so I can see what I’m doing.
This coming weekend is Jeremy’s graduation so we will be up at SU on Saturday. We flow Amy in from Texas to see her hubby graduate but it will be a quick visit because they will both be leaving on Sunday to go home. We have had their dog Maya here since our visit to Mississippi but she will be flying home with them also. I will certainly miss her being here because she is still young and seems to get Sara and Blue up and playing more. She is the same breed as Sara a Scottipoo, they are great all around dogs. PS I will miss Jeremy too………