Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Looks like even better weather to come!

We spent our first weekend at the boat this year. It was not as bad as I thought so that’s a fine thing. We closed the V-berth door and around 2am it was so freaking hot in there that off all the covers went. I really think that by insulating that part of the boat made a huge different in the temp.
We managed to get 90% of all our “to do list” finished. The one big setback was as usual we ran out of parts or something was not the right size.
The new ST70 transducer is in, the propane hoses and sensor are in and propane locker along with new spare parts locker are painted and ready to be buttoned up and checked for any leaks. New holding tank is in and all hoses are in- that was way to easy with the floor up. bedding of deck plates are done, Galley wood top has been modified to accommodate our microwave. New spare parts locker door has been cut down to size to fit the hole. We will need to replace globe on oil lamp since Jon decided to play head butt with it and do a dance around the cabin with it (by the way this will be the third replacement this year). OOOOH and one more thing....We are going to party around a campfire with all the awsome people at Fair Point Marina-Thank goodness they don't drink alot:)
This coming weekend is going to be in the 80s so it will be a big change from last week. I’m not complaining but it should be a scorcher under our canvas working. This weekend our plans are to finish propane and have it running, have holding tank and monitor up and running, have new water tank up and running, have deck wash down and new cockpit shower up and ready. Oh ya one more thing if we have time, is to remount our main wenches.
Thought I would add a photo that Amy sent on her first morning in San Antonio, TX where she will be for the next four months flying.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nice Weather

We went to the boat on Sunday and measured for water tank hoses, holding tank hoses and propane hoses. This will be the next thing to work on. it was very cold at the boat but managed to get our check list completed. Kasidah’s new holding tank was dropped off on Friday so that heavy puppy came up with us to the boat. It went in its space without a hitch, we had a Fireboy monitor put in the top so we can have an accurate reading of just how full of crap we are.
I finished the cleaning and organizing of the V-berth so starting this upcoming weekend we will stay on the boat during the weekends to try and do more work. The weather seems to be slowly warming up so it is that time.
Defenders are the marine warehouse that we purchase most of our boat stuff from and these guys are fast, they are in Connecticut and the parcels always arrive the next day “how do they do it”.
Schyler came up Sunday to see the work we have done on the boat, we only wish we had more time to visit but I guess that’s for another time.
I wanted to let Dick know from Greyhound that I really hope Jon looks as comfy and content as you look in that last photo on your blog when we get out there. You guys are making our work time on the boat that much more exciting just by sharing with us what its like out there. Thanks.

Friday, April 10, 2009

We're Back

Our trip to Mississippi went great, dinner was very enjoyable and the graduation was very eventful. Everyone got to check out the planes Amy has been flying and also get some time in a T-1 simulator. Amy and Maya drove back to NY with us, and we all made it back 28 hours later. We're back into the swing of things here and will be back to the boat on Sunday. We'll be taking lots of pictures of our many projects and will post them and update you as they are completed.