Thursday, March 15, 2007

Key West

We took a mini trip (four days) to Key West with Amy and Jeremy; we had some great weather and fun times. We wanted to check out the tenders at the dock to see how the different brands hold up to the elements. Boy- do they take a beaten. I think we are going to look at a Mercury tender; they seem to do well in the sun and salt water. Friday we are going to Connecticut to do the final paper work on Kasidah and Jon will start some boat work, we plan on going to the marine store Defender which is in Waterford CT they should have lots of marine goodies for us to look at.
Amy tried one of Jon’s favorite foods “Raw Oysters” and she thought she liked them until the next day…that will be one food she will never eat again I am sure…. One sunset was unbelievable, and of course with all the sailboats we felt right at home.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sim Redmond Band-Great Show

Last night we went to see The Sim Redmond Band at the Bull & Bear Pub in Syracuse. The show was great and lots of fun people to talk to all night. If you have not heard their music you can listen to a sample on the band's site. This is the type of music that anyone will enjoy and its great cruising music when you just want to chill or feel good about life. They have 6 CDs out and its all written by Sim and the other band members.... They do shows all over the US and Japan. Jon and I stayed till the end, boy the older you get the harder it is to stay up that late or maybe its just because we work hard at "Living Each Day Like its Our First" Oh yah,..This is from Sims song Pink Guitar.

Please Click on the "Sim Redmond Band-Great Show" heading to go to the Pink Guitar sample music to enjoy, and you'll understand why we love them and their music.

Thanks you SRB for keeping us as young as we feel.