Monday, December 15, 2008

New Projects

Jon has been very busy with the business, so I guess that’s a good thing right now since a lot of people are slowing down. We have been to the boat a few times and have our projects all picked out, we have even started some.
Jon’s list consist of finishing the floor and having the new holding tank made with a monitoring gauge in it, rebedding and adding some tie-downs at the bow so we can tie the dinghy bag down, rebedding the grounding plate which had started to leak in the fall and redoing the propane locker altogether. My list consist of insulating the walls in V berth, removing headliner in the V berth and main cabin and replacing them with something new and adding insulation at the some point in time. We also have hired an old friend of ours, Wally, to do our woodwork; which this project may run into spring and summer. This should be fun since HE will be doing the wood work and we will just be the helpers(woodwork: bookshelves, microwave shelf, a couple cabinets and additional storage bin).
We do plan on being the first boat in the water come spring..unless we sell the HOUSE then that’s a whole different story.
We heard from our friends Dick and Ann on S/V Grey Hound and it sounds like they are having an exciting voyage, they are in Florida on the ICW right now(wish we could be there). If you want to read about their adventures click on their blog at the left on our main page.