Monday, January 28, 2013

Days well spent...

mail boat shows up every two or so weeks to restock the shelves  
Dentist flown in

We have been busy here working on boat projects in the morning and then enjoying the beaches and water during the afternoon. the temp has been pretty much in the 80s since we arrived and even when the cold fronts pass it really has been quite nice.

Hermit crab in a large conch shell
Sarah has been feeling a little better but still she is not herself and probably wont be but she seems happy and content just to find a place and sleep the day away.
Sarah sitting in some shade
While on the beach the other day I came across a huge hermit crab living in a large conch shell. Im not sure if you can eat them or not but he was big enough to do just that.
Sarah s new seat
We caught a few fish and lobster so Jon called his nephew Garrett who is going to school to become a chef and got a few ideas for dinner, it was outstanding.
Seafood primavera  yum yum
Beach party with The Bacardi kids
Dinner with new friends
We got together with a few other cruisers and went out to the beach bar for dinner and noticed they were having a beach party so we joined in the fun. It just happened to be some of the Bacardi kids they flow in for some activities they are having on the island. The night was so beautiful and the sound of the ocean waves and the crackling of the fire was so peaceful that it almost put me to sleep.
Another job for Jon on a Hunter (Jon helped tow him in)
Sarah with her piggy  ready for bed

A Hunter sailboat owned by Jim and Nancy arrived at anchor the other night and come to find out it had engine problems, Jon and another sailor John helped tow him in the cut with the dinghy's. Once Jim found out Jon new a little about these engines he asked him to look at it, which Jon knew right away what the problem was. He spent the morning in the locker pulling things apart and by noon the boat was back together and ready to travel again. Jim and Nancy were very grateful for the help.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cool Hand stops in to visit.

We woke Monday morning to hear Cool Hand on the radio with the office to come in and get a slip. It was very exciting to see another one of our friends show up here to check out the island. Tom and Laura stopped into the Marina in New York to drop their mast and have Jon truck it to the Hudson where they stepped it again to make their journey down the east coast and cross to the Bahamas.

We went out snorkeling with them and then had dinner with them and another couple we know from Indiantown Fl. John and Anetta.
Dinner consisted of our days catch which was lobster and crab.

Jack pulls in to Bonefish

Monday, January 21, 2013

Shipwreck from Sandy

Meko is one of the marina employees

At the pool bar with some of the guys from the island

We stopped at this beach for the dogs to play
We went south about four miles to a fishing boat that had went aground during hurricane Sandy and just kept getting into shallower water wave after wave. 

It was very cool but sad to go on this boat with no holes in her you would think it would be pretty easy to float her but here in the Bahamas its not. The water was only about three feet and lots of fish including a shark have started to make this there home.
Just another beautiful beach 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

How fun is it to do nothing......

We have come to a point that we would sit and do nothing all day if it were not for how active we are and the words "do nothing" really means read a book, do odd boat jobs, work on the motors and  of course for Jon that means find someones broken thing and fix it.So yesterday Jon help Chuck on Long Gone drop his wind generator and then worked on our dinghy motor.  After that we went on bikes to town and found that someone drove the forklift that takes things off the mail boat into the water.
Today we went fishing and hunting for lobsters. We were saddened to find a huge turtle shell which someone had just recently killed. I was so upset I did not take a photo but will if it is still there tomorrow.  These creatures are so beautiful and move so slow that it is sinful to see this. On a good note we got one Lobster and Jon found a sling pole in a hole.    

Sarah has not been feeling well since we lift Florida and the Vet said she had early stages of  Congestive Heart Failure and gave us some pills for this. Since we have been here it has gotten really bad and we have had more pills flown in for her to make her more comfortable. Please think of her in any prayers for us in the next few weeks, she has been our baby for so long we really want her to get well and play in the sand with us..        

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another beautiful week in paridise..........

The weather has been perfect the last few weeks here and we have been enjoying every moment.
We went out exploring by dinghy yesterday and saw a few rays,sharks and lots of Lionfish which are on our list to kill and eat next time out.
We got together with a few cruisers that wondered in here for a few days and had a nice happy hour with them, Jon made his famous conch fritters, Annette made conch salad and we all had a fun time talking about boating life.
Barry who is the old dockmaster here arrived today from Nassau where his wife Sharon is right now, they had a baby girl "Liberty",  on the islands when your pregnant you need to go to Nassau at least a month before your do date because there are no doctors on the outer islands. We have known Barry for three years and he is a great person inside and out. He decided three years ago to do his own thing.... so now he bring people out fishing,details their boats and is much happier.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Another beach day

I was pretty far out and knee deep

collecting Stuff

beach butterfly

We need to find something to do............................Ha Ha Ha

This is worth every moment out here...............

Friday, January 4, 2013

Love Beach

Wilson's girlfriend
We had a wonderful day with the dogs at Love Beach yesterday. It is one of my favorite places on the island with the clear blue water and shimmering palms dancing on the white powdery beach.

Sara and Blue chased crabs for a while then Sara decided to go after this one lizard that she was not going to let live and by the end of the day she had managed to corner it and rip its tail off . By the time I got to her she had ended its life and I was not happy to say the least. Well I really hope she learned her lesson and I think the lizard had the last word in this fight because Sara was sick all night and we are pretty sure that poor lizard was the reason behind it all. 

my favorite island dog
After a long day at the beach
Our friend Lana did make it to the doctors in Florida and she has a torn tendon in her ankle which requires four weeks of therapy. Jeff said he will be back in a week and will see how she is progressing at that time. We are looking in on their house and watering her plants while they are gone. Jeff has let Jon take the Ranger for this time and Jon has offered to replace a few belts on it before he returns. Lana's dog Angie found the ranger parked at the boat and decided Lana must be on Kasidah with us, so she sat next to it till after dark when I finally told Jon we should bring it back to their house along with Angie. Angie has a great care taker "Percy" which is the famous fishing guide here in the Berry's, his Mom was the owner of Flo's conch bar on Little Harbour Cay and now his brother runs the place. Percy is a great guy and if you come down here you should go say hi to him.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

What will 2013 uncover for us?

New Years Eve
Well so far 2013 has been wonderful for us and we think of how blessed we are every minute to be doing what we are doing. We have always said if you what something bad enough go for it because it won't happen unless you make the first move. Bob Bitchin always said "Don't dream your life Live your dream"
and we are.
Jeff and Jon waiting for us
Our New Years was spent at Jeff and Lana's house and as always the food and company was fantastic.  Just before midnight we all went to the Taboo restaurant at the marina to bring in the New Year and hang around with our cruising friends Mel and Joni. Capt.Dave and his girlfriend Corine were there also to cheer on the stroke of midnight. For some reason I feel like I have met Dave before, I'm not sure if it is because his family is from the same area of Canada that mine came from or not but it was just one of those things when we all first met...just one of those things...........................  
Lunch time
On Wednesday the weather forecast was predicted to be a perfect boating day so we jumped on Jeff's boat and headed down the chain of islands to do some snorkeling for lobster and conch then to Devils Cay to walk the shore, have lunch and lastly over to Little Harbour to have a rum drink at the famous conch bar "Flo's".

Turtle swimming by

Chester and Jeff at Flo's
Unfortunately Lana had a tumble after meeting up with one of the island dogs (friendly dog, but it was his island), she had her Bahamian dog with her and she thought they were going to get into it and panicked which lead her to falling down onto some nasty rocks and mess up her ankle. We managed to get her back on the boat and home with the help of a chair, used as a walker. They had planned to leave today for two weeks anyhow, so they left in their plane this morning. She has an appointment today for some x-rays, hopefully everything will be ok.          

Back to GHC with 4 to 7 foot under us