Monday, August 27, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

August 24th-26th
We babysat Maya this weekend so decided not to do much sailing. Maya gets sick very easily. Dramamine was a good thing to have on the boat and because we had to do some driving on Saturday to bring Jill’s college stuff to her at Suny Brockport, without it Maya would have been sick all the way there and back to the boat.
The weekend was very hot and sticky (just the way I like it).
We ended up doing a few repair jobs on the boat a little sewing and some partying.
Next week we plan on a long trip to Sackets harbor and maybe Canada.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Some Wedding photos

Diane took some wedding photos and I have entered then in my pacasa photo album. You can get to them in pacasa by going into any of the photos on the left.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Boyz go Sailing

Jon decided to take our future (This Saturday) son-in law sailing Wednesday the 15th and one of the groomsmen. The wind was blowing over 30 most of the day and made for a roller coaster of a ride. They say they had a great time and that all my ginger cookies are gone….. It sounds like they may have been sick once or twice but didn’t want to give in.
Jon was saying that no one else was out on the lake and on the radio there were a few pan-pans and a mayday. (I think I would have thought twice if I was out three days before my wedding with my future Father-in law)…..
When they arrived back at the dock one of the guys that works at the marina told Jon thye looked good when he could see them between the swells….
Morley was away in Canada for the last week and Jon could see him returning through the channel as they were leaving. Now that must have been one heck of a ride across the lake in his small (I think 23ft) sailboat with no motor. “What a sailor”.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sodus Bay quicky

We went to the boat on Thursday and did some minor repairs. Jon found the water pump leaking so semi fixed it till we get back with a gasket.
We had the guy from Red Creek come and look at the work to be done to Kasidah over the winter and to give us some ideas. His thought is to remove some of the fiberglass at the aft sides of the stern and do some repair work to some cracks she has, then put some reinforcement plates in it so we can use that to put the davits on the back. He also looked at the sole to be redone in wood and to put some new gelcoat in the cockpit. If this takes place over the winter Kasidah will be brought to his shop which is about 20 minute from Fair Haven. If it ends up being in the late spring Tim has graciously offered the storage barn in the marina to do the work.
Saturday was a wonderful day and we sailed about 13 miles west to Sodus Bay and stopped in at Katlyns Marina in search of the gasket for the water pump but had no luck.
YES WE FINNALLY MADE IT TO ANOTHER PORT….. The bay was very congested with many different boats enjoying the great weather.
Back in our bay we pumped the dink (Sarah-Blue) up and rowed around the marina late in the day with the dogs (they always seem to like this part). Brian and Karen King stopped by to drop off the maps and info that we let them borrow when Brian went to pick his new boat “an Erinson 32” up in Long Island Sound a couple weeks ago.
Sunday our long time friends Vic and Diane came to visit and we went sailing, the wind was very light and Vic was at the helm complaining of no wind and that it was boring (He is a power boater). After about an hour flying the spinnaker the wind started to pick up and then was blowing about 15 knots, so we started to pull in the chute when a line and block broke loose. Nothing bad but we called that one just about in time. The rest of the sail was perfect with some great wind.
Late that day we went to Pleasant Beach Hotel in the bay for a bite to eat. Very nice place and the food was superb. The dogs are just starting to get use to us leaving them in the boat but they still howl a couple times as we leave, inside is always so much cooler than on top and they seem to settle down quick..