Friday, July 29, 2011

We are just having fun enjoying life on the water every day.....LIFE IS GOOD!

We are very busy this summer and just felt we would wait to post  till we got back on Kasidah and started to travel, but some people have been asking us to post.

We have had a great time visiting with freinds and family and Jon has even managed to ride his bike a few times. The kids and all the dogs came to visit for a week and it was a blast. It was pretty funny that there were as many people as there were dogs but we always had pets and the kids love dogs so it would not be the same without them around. One thing we really were proud of this summer was Amy becoming a Captain.......(we are so proud of you)

                                                       Ray,Tim and Jon out for a ride

The projects at the marina have been going smooth this year even though its a lot of work. We disassembled and stripped a whole dock, installed fingers and all new water and electric lines added new pedestals and filled it with customers in about two months. Jon and I were exhausted every night but the reward of looking at it every day is wonderful. Now Jon has started to take apart another large dock which will become part of a fuel dock. He wants it in place before we head out in a few months. Jon has been very busy with service work for the past three weeks also.                                            Jon and I finishing the dock

 This is Jill with Ru on her new Kayak.