Monday, October 29, 2012

Waiting out Sandy in Conneticut

Our first stop on our trip south was only an hour away from Fair Haven. We stopped in Tully to visit our very good friend Diane and to pick up our mail. The sun was out both days and in the 70s.
Jon went into town to say hello to a few old friends and wouldn't you know it, there at the stop light in the center of town was Thomas from the marina. He was out on his bike that day and decided to ride through Tully.
 We are now in Middletown Ct. at our Daughters place waiting out Sandy. it is noon and the wind is just starting to pick up and places are starting to close down for the day.
I am so glad we are not on Kasidah traveling the ICW like some of our friends who have taken slips in marinas for the storm.