Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer Fun at Fair Point Marina

We have been very busy at the Marina getting the new wave attenuators and docks in place, which for Jon will be a two summer project. There is lots of paperwork and state regulations to deal with, let alone the physical work involved with the project.
We also help with boat launching, stepping masts and anything to do with the daily boat yard work. I do repairs, boat clean and some of the yard improvements, bathroom and clubhouse upkeep, office work when needed and small amounts of gardening when needed and set up and tear down of Marina parties. So as you can see we have been very very busy BUT have enjoyed every moment here.
We have been to Connecticut to help Jill move into her new home and Jill has spent some time with us up here along with Amy and Jeremy. Jill decided to get a puppy to keep her company since she will have some time to train her and her hours won’t be as hectic as they were in Brockport for the past few years(her name is Rukia). It was really crazy here for the week that they were all visiting. We had five adults and five dogs in a 36ft RV … that’s a tight fit. Tim offered us his RV for the week to help on the sleeping arrangements which really made a big difference for all of us. Photos speak better than works for the time we are spending here.