Sunday, July 29, 2007

We Won't Tell Anyone "ROGER"

Nice weekend on the boat, we had a pleasant steady wind on Friday and went sailing with Jill then anchored in the bay at the State Park for a nice swim and to enjoy being on the hook for a bit. The weatherman as always was saying chance of storms so we didn’t go to far, and yes we did get one heck of a storm.
Saturday our friends came in from Cazenovia NY and we all went sailing for the day (not much wind) Nelsen captained most of the day and we all had a grand day. The weather was hot and sticky so we dropped anchor at the end of day and went swimming again. These are some wonderful people so no matter what the weather we would have had a blast.
Sunday we asked Roger our dock neighbor with a powerboat to go sailing with us. Some of the other powerboats on the dock joked about not going because he would go to the dark side. We told Roger we wouldn’t tell any of his friends he went sailing……NO ONE…. We think he had a lot of fun.
This weekend we finished insulating the frig, cleaning the bilge more which meant having to clean the filter several times while doing this. it clogged up quite a bit. We also went to a town called Red Creek (near the boat) to talk to a guy about doing some of the fiberglass, woodwork and the davit system we want. He is planning on come up next week along with the guys we us for new sails. This sounds like a number weekend.
One other thing before I close this note. We are waiting on a dock next to the one we had when we got to Fair Point so that they can dredge it because we were touching bottom. Well we notice a huge 40 ft Catalina with a 13.8 beam come in this weekend and are told this will be our new dock neighbors. This should be real interesting pulling into the dock since we are the two biggest beamed boats at the marina (I’ll let you know how this goes).

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fair Point Marina's Party and a great weekend.

Once again Tim and Cheryl pulled off a grand party for all of us. (Thank you). They had oodles of food, drinks and entertainment, and of course a great sunset.
The weekend was spent on small repairs and finding a leak in the forward cabin.
Bud and Marcia came up from Tully to visit and have fun with us at the party.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Can work be play?

I started to think about all the work we have ahead of us and for a very short moment it seemed to be very overwhelming (the reefer, floor, wood work, finding the leaks, putting in the new gadgets ect…) then I sat back (glass of wine in hand) and realized that there has been this type of work our entire lives and that the boat work was going to be the type of work we really enjoy, what we have waited for, the type that when a project is done you really get gratification from it. You look at it and are actually proud of what you’ve accomplished. With this in mind I feel much better and the list just got bigger!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Stormy Weather

Well we are having a great time at the Marina with all the great people there and sailing has been very nice with some calm days and some wonderful breezy days. We had a great time at the Fair Point Marina Daiquiri Party (Thanks to Tim and Cheryl). Jon was in Heaven because they let him play Sim Redmond all night, he danced and jumped up and down till the end……
Our friends Hattie, Peir , son Gunner and his best friend came up for a long afternoon and sailed then we had dinner and caught up on small talk. It was a nice night.
OK, I have to tell everyone out there that so far we have tried to get to a far off place to stay for the weekend and so far for one reason or another have not completed this. Jon thinks its some kind of jinks on us and we won’t ever leave. On the Fourth we planned on going to Henderson Harbor and stay a couple of nights. We knew the weather was iffy up there until midday so we planned on getting in around 5 and be in back of it. Well that did not work at all….The storm slowed down and as we stayed to the bottom edge of it and headed for the backend it just creped up on us and we could tell that if we waited any longer we would have to go in after dark. The area has a lot of shoals and because we have not been there before we decided to turn around and with heads down go back once again to Fair Haven. The storm also decided to change its course a little and now was right on our tail. We had been checking radar on our phone and knew which way it was suppose to go but when it was right at our back door I had Jon check it again and wouldn’t you know the phone service does not work that far out….(ITS RADAR Time).
We checked with the radio and sure enough it was heading a little more our way and they where now issuing marine warnings. So we prepared the boat for weather and took in some sail. The dogs went in the aft bunk that I had made a cloth screen with snaps just for this reason. They seemed to be fine with it and we had lots of sleeping bags in there for cushion in cause they got thrown around. It was a little scary at first, not know what it would bring but after the first blow of over 35 knots it seemed to steady out at about 25 and with lots of swells close together and wave action we headed 3 ½ hour back to-yes- Fair Haven.
The Fourth of July and weekend was great up there with lots of fireworks and some good wind for sailing (no where special). I told Jon we need to go out sailing with no plans and just not come back HA HA.
We took out the Frig and ordered the new one. It is a super cool with the option of air cool or seawater. We will try to go up this week some time to install it. Jon is looking at a different location for it on the boat. I will be there to take pictures.
We also added a few little misc. items to the boat but nothing major.