Monday, November 26, 2012

Stuart at last........................

 The trip over to Stuart only took about 4 hours and the weather was wonderful all day.
All systems came up and worked fine. Kasidah ran as well as she could and we were glad to be back on her and moving. Indiantown is a nice place to keep your boat when your away but it gets really expensive and insurance in not cheap to leave it in Florida for hurricane season. The other thing is you end up with a boat that need lots of attention when you return.
We are seeing lots of cruisers from the past that we have traveled with, some are heading to the Bahamas,some are going to southern Florida and a few that we got together with last night are heading out for two years down to the lower Caribbean.
We are still not sure what we are doing, but this week we all have doctor appointments and then will decide where, when and how long.

Traveling on the St Lucie canal with friends

Blue being a "smarty pants"
We are on a mooring ball in Stuart

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

We have been here at the dock for a week now getting Kasidah ready for traveling. Here at Indiantown marina each year they put on a week long party which includes activities everyday and at night they go all out on food,drinks,bands and all kinds of fun stuff to do. This year during their dinghy poker run I came in third place with three duces and won a gift certificate worth $25.00. Thank you very much Indiantown.
I did not sing karaoke this year but we did get our table to be back up for a few singers which was pretty funny to say the least. We also joined in to stomp grapes but did not stomp enough to win, however Jon managed to get a nice sliver under his nail from the grape barrel and as of today its still there.

Thanksgiving was awesome with everything you could imagine to eat. The nice thing that I always think about is how cool it is to see all these cruisers here from all over the world celebrating our Thanksgiving with us, and right in the middle of all our round tables is a long table with the owners and their family sharing this day with all of us (Thank you) .       

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Working on Kasidah at Indiantown Marina

Getting ready for Thanksgiving.....
We are very busy getting Kasidah ready to splash on Friday. This is the first chance I have had to sit down and write something because we are either outside working on her or so exhausted we just want to crash.
 We left Connecticut just after Sandy and just before the first snow storm so I would say we lucked out and dodged the snow altogether. We made a quick stop in to see some FPM customers- Doug and Denise then off to Jeremy and Amy's house in Dover for a few nights.
Next we made our way down to Beaufort NC to visit cruising friends Mark and Lynda and stayed two nights on their new Hauns Christian boat. They have been working on it for a few months so Jon thought he would help out with some issues and stay an extra day. Lynda and I went shopping in Morehead City and got to catch up on all that stuff woman talk about.
When we finally got to Kasidah we decided to head to Stuart and have dinner with Mel and Carol who have a winter place down here. It was great to see them here.
Don and Betty (from Licoln Maine) family friends.
For the past week we have been cleaning and fixing things on the boat. It really takes a toll on her to sit for six months in the Florida heat. I think she was made to live on full time.
Jon has been really happy with all the electronics, engine,genny and other items firing right up. He even was pleased at how well the fuel filtering went this year.

Guatemalan Restaurant in Indiantown 
We are seeing a lot of cruising friends pulling in now and we are all starting to talk about where to go this year. I would like to head south to Miami then cross to the Berry's maybe head to the Exuma's for a month and  then back to The Berry's to spend some time there. This place is great and we know so many wonderful people there, I feel like I am at home there.