Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This was a nice long weekend with lots of things to do and not to DO. We finished sub panel in cockpit, removing some of the old hoses to the Gulper and bulge and replaced them with new ones, we adding new thru-hulls and patched some old ones up, new deck hardware for the dodger was installed which meant taking some headliner down, we put 2 more of the batteries back in, the rudder was brought back up to the boat and unloaded for next weekend. We even did some cleaning and vanish work on top completed. Saturday we also noticed the the hot water tank was leaking so we will need to get some parts for that, Jon thinks that this is what might have emptied the main water tank, even if this is true we will probably replace the water tank.

Tim had a great opening party for everyone with of course the Tiki bar and a great band called The Swivel Rockers. Thanks Tim
On Sunday Jon was doing some epoxy work on the hull and was kneeling down under the back end of Kasidah and stood up quick to meet her propeller face first. I would say she won.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Going Solo

Amy started soloing yesterday and said she had a blast. She has been very busy with all the schooling and training that we don’t get to talk as much but she tries to keep us up on all her new adventures. She sent this shot of her taking off solo for the first time and the other photo is what happens after your first solo……..

Everything is coming along fine on the boat. Jon finished pulling out most of the wire that he felt needed to be replaced(which was most of it).We worked Saturday and some of Sunday trying to clean some of the disgusting greasy grimy gunk that has built up in the bulge, man that is some nasty stuff. We bought some degreaser and will do more over the weekend. Our plan this weekend is to put the rudder back on and finish painting it, take the holding tank out and get a replacement with a monitoring system for it. Pull some of the headliner down so we can replace a few parts that hold down the dodger that are not secure enough, add a few more breakers and a waterproof sub panel in the cockpit, Replace a few thru hulls and patch up some holes we made. At this point we will start putting thing away and getting ready for the boat to go in the water. We can finish a lot of the stuff while at the wharf and this will make getting on and off the boat much easier. If the house sales in the next month or so we will take it back out of the water to have some work done to it that will require a professional.

Some of us from Fair Point got together for a “Say hello” and get to know the new guys party Saturday night….Great time. PS “thanks Frank for the 1952 Crown Royal you shared with all of us”

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Sky is clearing

Nice short weekend for us at the boat this weekend. The Marina was packed with people getting their boats ready for launching and doing the last minute things. Tim (Marina owner) was very busy and stayed way longer than he planned on Mothers day, but when he's there he ends up getting so busy that time runs out really fast. He has put so much into the marina and that’s why the place is so wonderful to be at for the summer. If there's an award out there for best marina owner please let me know.......

Jon started working on wiring up the hot water tank, putting all the pumps back in, putting all new hoses for the bulge pumps in and helping me glass my new locker and cabinet under the V berth.

Jill came up this weekend to visit us and we had a great time. I love it when our girls are around, and always miss them when their not. We went to see Sim Redmond in Oswego on Saturday night. Wow was that a strange “show”. Jon usually likes to dance a lot during the show but they had all these tables around and YES we were some of the younger people there. All I can say is “very strange’’

This is our new “wharf neighbors’ Mark and Vicky who just came up from Key Largo on their Gulfstar. They will be with us the whole season. We hope we can get some cruising in with them. Great people…..

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Slow but surely......

We are very very busy here. The work on the boat is coming along slow but easy. Jon and I ran new wires for the port and starboard outlets and for new items in the Galley. Little by little Jon is getting all the circuits ran and labeling everything. He thinks most of it will be done this weekend or next. We removed some of the overhead mahogany in the V berth because of an old leak that had discolored the wood and needed to be replaced we also decided to take three drawers in the V berth out and replace them with one door and opened up a spot under the cushion to get excess to a huge area that was not in use, which will give us lots of space.. I am going to build a shelf in the part with the door and maybe put one in the new opening also. We are adding a new photo album on the side bar which will have photos of all the stuff we are doing but I need to put better names on them right now.

This past weekend Skyler and Laure came up and spent the night. We had a great time but just like us they had to rise early and head home to work on their 1939 Lightning. Laure drove and I’m sure they made it home in excellent time……Sunday Tim the proprietor of Fair Point and Mark a new “Wharfer” with a Gulfstar came for cocktails it was way to chilly to sit outside so we gathered in the camper for the evening.

Well our Son in-law Jeremy left to go down to Mississippi about 3 this morning. He had to finish a class up here at the college and could not wait to be back with Amy. He already has a Job waiting for him at the paper mill in town. He is a Paper Engineer and ended up applying down there a couple months ago. Amy just sent this Photo of her, she is really loving every minute down there and is doing just as we expected. FANTASTIC…. Jill has one more week of exams and them she is out for the summer but will live up near college so she can work on the wells and streams for the college