Monday, August 25, 2008

Good times with great people

The weekend was great. Friday we had friends John and Beth out, we meet them while sailing on Skaneateles lake a few years ago.
The weather was nice and the wind was calm but nice for a slow sail.

On Saturday we had our friends up that we met years ago when we Fox Hunted and did all that fun stuff...... Leon, Sue, Nelson and Renee. The wind was blowing all day and ended up being a great sailing day. These guys seem to always find a weekend to come visit us and we all have a great time. We hope this happens for a long long time.

I am trying to finish up my side and back drops for the Bimini. We plan on doing a few trips in September and know the nights will be chilly.

The Lake level is starting to fall so Jon has gone under the boat a few times to make sure there is lots of water between us and the bottom, so far so good.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trip North

Jill came to visit and some of her college friends (Chelsie to the left) Jody to the right) that share an apartment up in Brockport. Chelsie came for dinner and Jody spent the weekend.
This weekend we decided to take a trip up north to Long Point State Park. The weather and wind on the way up was fantastic and we made it in about 7 hours. Our average speed was 6.5.. needless to say our Northstar GPS was not working properly because of some new SAT the government put in the sky, so we are waiting for them to send us an upgrade to install to fix the problem. Once there we could not get a dock space because there were three large boats on the end dock and thats the only place for large sailboats like ours. We went in the bay and dropped anchor but it gets so weedy in there that it only took about five minutes before we started to move. Pulled the anchor and man did it have weeds on it. Jon said we would try one more time and at least we could get the dink ready and bring the dogs in for a potty. Jill and I made the trip to land and the other sailor's from Henderson yacht club which were on the end said they would help us maneuver the boat behind them on the end dock which had about 25 ft of space. They were really nice guys and docking went fine(Thanks again guys) .
We meet up with S/V Otium on the way home on the lee side of Stoney Island and as we set anchor we got to see a huge snake swimming just in front of us, I thought " i would not want to have met up with him while taking a dip of the side of the boat". Otiums owners Jeff and Cathy brought Dick and Ann with them. Dick and Ann are at our marina but last year they docked with Jeff and Cathy at Navy Point in Sackets Harbor and they were up visiting the old marina.
We had some munchies and a quick birthday cake for Jill she turned the 20. Our time was short because the wind was 15 or 20 knots and out of the south west so going home was going to be a chore. We departed from our friends around 4:00Pm
As we got out on open water the wind was reading 20 and the waves were measured at 8 ft. These waves were rollers and when they would crest they seemed much higher. After an hour or so of going west we decided to try heading in the direction of home but that put the waves crashing right on our beam so we motored about another hour and then turned south- south east to try to do some sailing in the right direction. That lasted about 2 hours then the wind started to die down and was now out of the south. So now we started motor sailing in hopes we could make several tacks and get home at a reasonable time. We made Fair Haven at about 3:oo am.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wishing the best to LOPEZ LOMONG

You go Lopez...... (double click title to read about his life)
Our family wants to wish the best to him and his family.
Rob and Barb Rogers, his Dad and Mom gave a gift to lots of young men by opening up their home and hearts to help give them a chance at living a safe and wonderful life.
Lopez would say he wanted to go to the Olympic right from the beginning of his days running in Tully and he did it....
Amy and Jill both had the honors of running with Lopez during their years at Tully High School. They even purchased yearbooks the first year he was there and told him he had to sign them because one day he would be famous. He didn't understand why they would want him to sign it, but he did......Good Luck and we will be watching...