Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Winter projects have begun....and so has the snow

The first project of the winter is to remove the main water tank, which was leaking and holding tank, which had to be repaired when we bought Kasidah but only as a temporary fix till we could replace it. FIRST PROJECT DONE...that was fast. Jon spent the weekend up at the boat cutting and removing the floor because the water tank was put in first when the boat was built and then the floor with no access to it (I guess they thought it would last forever), The tank was so wide that Jon had to cut it in half to get it out the companionway door. Next on the list is to rebuild the floor supports, replace old water tank with a 42 gallon flexible water bladder which has been purchased and will arrive in time for this weekend. we will take the holding tank to a guy who can make a new one out of steenless steel and at that time have a guage installed so we can stop guess at just how full the crapper is. Jon will replace the floor with marine plywood for now with access lids but we will wait till later to replace the floor itself because we are just not sure of what we want and I like having a rug under my feet so that will be fine till we decide.
Snow came early at our house and with it ice and 40 mph winds. We lost a couple trees including a huge apple tree which was full of apples over our driveway so that will be my project next week. Of course we had a couple that were suppose to look at the house from out of town today so thats not going to happen. Oh Well.......


Grey Hound said...

Hi you guys.....its crazy but i'm not showing your email on our address list.

I've tried to reduce the picture size but i can 't get down to the 1000 x 1000 size. I will keep trying.

Good luck trying to keep Mark under control.


Jon and Arline Libby said...

Our address is
I see that you found the size thing....Size does really matter:)