Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Just sitting and waiting.

Leaving CT after a great meal with my bother Tim and his friend Christopher was our next journey. But what a meal and night we had with them. Christopher is from Vietnam, he and my brother must have cooked all day for us. It was a short ride to the house from Mom and Dads onto Winterberry Pl. in some town. Setting my Waze App (Love this App) we arrived and a call to my brother revealed that we where at Winterberry CR, a minor mistake my Waze and a 20 Minute back track… Mom and Dad, Arline and I, ate great Vietnamese food, soup, spring rolls with hot home made Hosni sauce, and on and on, finishing with Vietnamese coffee WOW. We didn't get to sleep until about 3am that night. Did I mention that Arline and I gave up CAFFEINE? WOW!!! Mom and Dad had 2 glasses of wine and I haven’t seen them in such good spirits and up that late and really enjoying the evening in years. I think that’s why it was called “Spirits” years ago, rightfully so. Thanks Tim and Christopher.

Traveling next to Amy and Jeremy’s in PA, they are in a small apartment waiting to close on their 1st house. Everything was on track for them and they were to close in a week or so. We visited and spoiled Cal as best we could in a short time. We played tennis, did a little sight seeing and we babysat one night so they could go to a movie. Cal had been being nursed but Amy had some stored that Arline was to feed him,…..well he wanted no part and was putting up a fuss for his mom. It wasn't until we distracted him and took his mind off the bottle that he would stop fussing, it worked and he took the bottle. Of course I was now tired from jumping up and down. That’s how we distracted him, Grandpa was playing and waving his floor toy over his head and showing him his mirror and stuff. Thanks Amy and Jeremy.
Jeremy always thinks of Arline’s addiction of chocolate and made sure she was set for the entire season, filling the Jeep with Hershey.

While with Amy and Jeremy I traveled just 25 miles to Philly PA to do a job at a customer’s house; he’s a prominent lawyer/judge in that town and also has a house in Skaneateles just off the lake. I did a nice job for in NY and he found out I was traveling by his real house and wanted me to install a generator switch for him and take care of a couple of motion detectors. He does a lot in the aviation field in his practice and we had some great talks about Amy and her plans. Thanks Chris

We only stayed a few days with Amy and Jeremy and headed to Kasidah and Florida. We had one last job in West Palm Beach too. Another customer from Skaneateles, the owner of a well know Rug retail and service store in Syracuse that I’d been doing work for many years, figured out how close Kasidah was to her summer home. She was having a problem getting some lighting fixed around her pool and yard. Somebody had come in and promised her that they’d have to pull up all the

landscaping and dig 18 inches down with a machine and blah, blah, blah$. Arline and I got there and saw none of the low voltage lighting working. We found a loose connections on a transformer, some bad bulbs, lose connections on light fixtures and it all worked. It took longer to drive to Home Depot to get some new LED lights and a few motion detectors than it takes to install them,…well almost anyway. We stayed the evening had a great meal with her and a couple of friends and a neighbor that invited us to do a few things for her. Thanks Lucia.

Next day we had another drive to Home Depot for the neighbor’s parts. It really was a few simple things but she is an older lady that just wanted it done right. The thing she was the most pleased with, and she was willing to take her new Ford back to the dealer and get a new one, was to program and sync her visor button to her garage door opener. (It’s the simple things in life that make you happy). Glad we could help. What an active great lady she is, at near 80 she reminded us of Katherine Hepburn, so alive with stories of her winning fishing tournaments, trophy turkey hunting, trophy Sailfish hanging in her study. Thanks Maryanne.   

Thanks Jeremy
We arrive at Kasidah to find her in the best shape yet after a summer in the yard. Her deck was nearly
clean meaning the down stairs had no mildew or anything. All the lockers and the storage areas were dry, the stored lines did not need cleaning, and it got better and better. We did find some signs of water but again nothing was really bad.
No one steals Jack's dinghy!

We have run into many of our cruising friends and have also been having a great time with all of them. Sid and Kate on an IP 40 have been with us for years,…this is our 5th year I think in the yard or traveling with Sid. He’s an electrician on the west coast so we really have a lot in common. Kate has been with him for 2 years now I think. Sid had some Prop Speed left over from doing his prop. It’s a slippery kind of anti-fouling epoxy mixture just for marine prop$. I think he paid well over $100 for enough to do his. He mixed up a bit too much and brought it over to us, then Arline and I got busy on our prop getting ready for the application. It really is an amazing product makes the prop slippery, pretty and marine growth is not suppose to like it. Arline thinks we picked up ½ a knot on our trip motoring to Stuart. Thanks Sid

I changed the hot water heater that leaked last year. The old one would not come out of the locker. Lucky for me I brought my Milwaukee saws all. Now the old one was round and the new one was square. I looked and planned for a full day to figure out how to take some wall apart so I could get it in. There is absolutely no where else on the boat it could go. Then I took a drawer out of the aft cabin to show Arline the heater and why it was taking so long. The drawer is full of tools and heavy, as it came out it dropped hard and came unglued, Busted.  BUT I could see the heater and a way for it to slide into the area. I just had to take the 2nd draw out, cut a simple piece of the section between the two drawers out, then knock the back wall out of the drawer area, build a new platform under the heater after it was in place mind you, rework the plumbing, put the drawers and cabinet area back in and it was in,……All of this while blindfolded, one arm tied behind my back, on my stomach in the 80 plus degree heat. One of the hardest things I’ve done on the boat in a while. But it’s in and works great. Thanks Kasidah.

After the launch we rigged Kasidah for the season but this year we did all our shopping from Indiantown. We figured we’d leave the Jeep in Indiantown instead of bring it to Stuart and do our shopping there. We did our runs for canned goods, another for real food, frozen food, and another run for booze, and diving needs. A few trips also for parts and we were done. Happy not to have a car in Stuart, the parking here can be difficult and other than shopping we wouldn't need it here.

Our trip to Stuart was for the most part uneventful till after the lock when we were passed by another sailboat that came into the lock with us. After he was in front of us he went on the wrong side of one buoy then almost went down a channel that wasn't a channel. If he’d gone another 50 ft up the non-channel he would have been aground and going at hull speed he would have been quite far up on it. Thanks Crazy Ivan.

Sitting in Stuart is always a nice time, the breeze keeps the bugs away, it’s always cool at night and on days that the Canadians keep their weather to themselves, it is in the 80’s and mostly sunny. The solar panels are keeping the batteries charged, and on days when those Canadian’s let their cool air come here the wind generator kicks in. Downtown is a short walk away, with great priced restaurants and shops. The showers are great here, WiFi is less than so-so out on the boat, but good on shore near the office. All the cruisers here are looking at weather, studying charts and sharing plans and stories.

Today is a cool day and raining so Arline caught the marina bus to Wal-mart to get a few last item things, I hitched a ride with Sid and Kate to get more parts for Frankenmotor. It’s now going to be 15hp with parts from an ‘87, ‘77, and these new parts will throw in a little ‘82 also.

Last night when most of our friends and family were getting cold blowing record snow we got a pretty good blow too. I heard the wind generator kick up and I know the sounds it makes at different speeds and the corresponding out puts of electric. Doing a battery system check I saw 30 amps going into my batteries. With all the boat lights on, the inverter on for the computers and a refrigerator or 2 running this was record setting and maxed out.  

We are now looking at a weather window that might open up for Monday or Tuesday to cross the Gulf stream.
We will see if it holds or not.

 Weather rules here……………                                

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Summer Recap.

I can not believe we are out of NY and headed to Kasidah. This summer was filled with so much that it will not be able to be covered in one post here. Facebook has been a little easier to let people know what is going on, but not in the detail that I know some of you like and I like to write about. Most of you that read this will all know the highs and the lows of the summer.

The highs include but are not limited to; 1st grandson Cal arrived and we were there, both kids are doing extremely well in their careers and lives, another good year for Jae Bee Electric, especially our new marine division, our good health, summer home fun, no huge vehicle expenses, traveled and explored a bit, tennis was good, we had the largest number of visitors to the summer home we've ever had, the weather had been fairly good. Our fifth wheel summer home worked out great, my old Dodge work van got us through another season with just minor repairs. Great rides along some beautiful roads on the motorcycle.

 A great visit in Connecticut with a family gathering and what a great time we had,...nobody knows how to laugh like the Libby's. Not all are present in this photo and it's not a good photo of anybody but if you look at the faces and body language you know we were having a good laugh. Now, when you see Arline or I, remember to ask what we were laughing at and I promise you'll laugh with us.  Thanks Christopher,..   


The lows include but are not limited to; losing a few good friends and others in the fight for their life, Jill’s Audi was totaled in a simple rear end accident, my fears continue to grow that our country and our freedoms are in more trouble than they've ever been and we are again just one generation away from losing it all, I wasted 6 weeks or 1/5th of my time in NY to earn money because of grand jury duty, I won’t brag about how much it cost me to serve, and they don’t care.

Our many visits to the doctors for blood test, scans and full body skin check ended with pretty good results. I still have high blood pressure, boarder line high cholesterol and diverticulitis or something that sounds worst that what it is, my aches and pains have more to do with getting older and I need to watch what I eat a little better, we've all heard that.

Arline’s test results at first looked like she might have some major issues but in the end it ended up very good. They found she has Mitral Valve Prolapse which will be monitored, they removed several moles and one ended up being cancerous. They performed Mohs surgery removing all the bad tissue, after that, seventeen sutures and all is good till next May. This is a result of loving the sun as a teen and using baby oil to get the perfect tan. All she can say is 50 plus sunscreen if you like the outdoors. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

The cool air is starting to arrive.

We figured we should do an entry into the blog since its been awhile.
 Our summer in New York has gone by so fast and its hard to believe we're already packing for the trip south.
Relaxing with customers at Pleasant Beach

Fixing gauges and other stuff

We have been busy with work all summer between electrical jobs in the Tully area, Rochester, little Sodus, Adirondacks and Jon's mobile marine service.

We even have a chance
Changing inverter/charger
to do some work at a marina
 on the bay up north where we use to go for the summers next season, so we are looking forward to seeing and playing with old friends next year.
Thanks to all that came to say hi, it was great seeing all of you.
End of a nice Day

Talking with Scott @ Bayside Marina

Mary stopping to say Hi.

John and Margarette S/V Quicksilver  stop by

We have had
 many cruising friends
stop by this summer
 to say hi and
stay over a night
or two which
has been a lot of fun.
you all for stopping.

Rick and Charleen M/V Livin on the Hook

Alex and Mary stop by

Mark and Lynda S/V Rocinante II

Jon was called for six weeks of Grand Jury duty which no matter what your excuse is they don't care. You must report and do the time so that's what he is doing right now.
Out of all the jurors he is the only one that is self employed with no other income which will really put a damper on our cruising kitty but we will not let that get in the way. We will be staying till at least October 1st which should be just after the jury duty is over.
We are still trying to finish up our Doctor visits which may take a bit still. I will talk more about this in our next entry.

Amy is officially out of the military but now is in the Reserves which doesn't make to much of a difference since she will be still flying the same plane she use to fly and still out of the same place in Dover De. only difference is it will be her choice when to fly a mission.

Jill, Amy, Callen and Jeremy
I Just got back from staying with Jeremy and Amy for two weeks help with Cal so they could pack and get some last minute work stuff done before moving to there new home in Reading PA. this will be closer to us in the summers since it cuts the drive time in half. We may even consider that as our summer home in the future.

Gramma plays dressup with Cal

Cal and I had a great time for the two weeks I was there, it was a great bonding time for gramma and my little peanut. I can't wait to see him next, you forget how quick babies grow till you stay away for  awhile.      

Jon's new hand outs

Jon and I have started ordering our parts from the list we made in the spring for Kasidah,
some items that are checked 
off from the list are the Dive gear which has been serviced and ready for the season,this will be the first time we have brought it with us, the new wind instrument that flew off in the middle of the gulf stream and some koozies for Jon to pass out.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

We are Grandparents!

We are the pround Grandparents of a baby boy "Callen David" born on June 14th Flag Day.

We are now back in New York at our summer place enjoying working and playing while getting our list of projects and supplies ready for Kasidah this fall.

Friday, June 13, 2014

My how time Flies

My How Time Flies

Well it seems like just yesterday I moved to JFK JR High School in Southington CT.      A lot has happened in this short time,.. a lot! Soon I am to have the honor of being called “Grampa” It happens every day, to nearly every family that is blessed, all across this world.

I’m sure by the time you read this it will be know the outcome of this.

Back up a few steps and when last we posted here we had just arrived in NY for the summer of 2014. We had a few good days to open the camper, AKA, our summer home and get ready for a busy summer. The work van had a few issues that developed over the winter but I was able to take care of them myself. We started off our short summer season with a note from the Commissioner of Jurors for me to be a Grand Juror, the note said please set aside 6 weeks of your time for this. Yeah Right!!, that is more than a ¼ of the time that I would work to earn any money for us. Now I have never applied for unemployment, food stamps, (but could) or anything from the system, all I want to do is work at something I’m very good at, pay my fair share of taxes and move on. I explained this to the Commissioner and they did allow me to postpone until September. That is when 6 weeks of my summer here is measured differently. It reminds me of a wise Native American, (wait, I was born here, can’t I be called that too? Nope) that said, referring to the introduction of Day light saving, “Only a Government Agency would think that if he cut one foot off the end of a blanket and sewed it onto the other end, he would have a longer blanket,…”

Our first job of the year was planned at the end of last year, and involved the remolding of a bathroom. Arline and I worked about 2 weeks on this. We tore out an old tub, and sink, put new subflooring down, new tub and shower enclosure, new toilet, new vanity and sink with marble top, plumbing, sheetrock work and painting. It really did turn out nice and our friends love it.

From there we started with real work of just electrical; we did a couple of small camp projects and have more to go.

Memorial Day was the earliest it can be this year and we went to Amy and Jeremy’s, Arline had her bags packed planning to stay a while, and for me to return to NY working till the baby comes. While there Amy found out from the Air Force that she did qualify for VESP (Voluntary Early Separation Program). Think I got that right. It’s very complicated but the easy way of telling this is that she now is going to fly for the Air Reserve unit out of Dover and going back to the big C-5. It will be a lot easier for a mom and dad. I think she’ll be able to fly more on her terms, when she and Jeremy can rotate around baby care stuff.   

I returned to NY and Jae Bee Electric working on several things when a customer called and asked how far I would travel for a couple of days of work. He had a camp in the Adirondacks that the local electrician just couldn’t get to for awhile. It was a small camp that needed to be roughed in and a service installed, he wanted me to go and just kick it in the ass as he and everybody knows I do with any project or work I’m involved in. I drove the 3 hours to Speculator on Lake Pleasant and worked 3 days, he set me up in a camp of a friends, right on the lake for a couple of nights. It’s a very small town and by the time I left everybody knew where I was working, and who I was. I knew the lady at dinner worked at the hardware store, the 2 guys at the pizza lunch counter were a father son team that had on the side of their van; carpenter, plumber, mason, electrical, nuisance animal control and tour guide. (You needed a van to put all that on, it wouldn’t fit on a pick-up truck door). One night at dinner at the lodge/bar a handful of locals saw my van and found out where I was working that evening was a great conversation of all things. The small shop had a sign that said “Beer Bait and Diesel” what else do you need. The last day working at the camp I only had half a day to finish what I wanted, but the contractor friend asked if I could look at the 2nd camp where I was staying, it had no water to it and worked off the camp I was staying in. I put on my plumbers hat and crawled under the camp, found the garden hose that supplied the camp, turned the valve to on, and that’s when I saw all the leaks. What a jury rigged contraption I saw. After a trip to the hardware store, a bag of parts I crawled underneath again and put it together, not right but better.

A few more projects came in while Arline, Blue, Amy and Jeremy were waiting and playing tennis. Two projects that came in are marine related. I have some electrical work at a marina and some dock work. This is a marina we meet on our way to NY with Kasidah in ’06, Kim at Ess-Kay Yards runs and works her family owned marina and has been a friend ever since. She has also helped us with Westerbeke motor parts while we were in the Bahamas. Her prices always beat shops in FL. I also have a sail boat that has an electrical problem. He knows my trouble shooting work and hasn’t been able to get anybody to even look at his boat. I’ll have to wait till after the grandchild shows up to travel to the Brockport-Waterport area.

Arline and I are back together in MD waiting for this event of a grandchild. The 3 weeks without Arline went by fast but slow if that’s possible. I got a fair amount done but spent a lot of time looking for my keys, or the note I just made. Often I would find myself just moving things around while looking for something different and then losing that too. Maybe Arline will find it when she gets back to the summer home. I hate the laundromat by myself and hate cooking alone,…..along with all the other things I had to do alone.

I realize just how much Arline and I share in common every day.

As I’m writing this Amy thinks her water broke and will go to the hospital to find out. If it did break this is it, if it didn’t it will be soon as she is almost a week over do. At this time as our family gets ready to celebrating a new life and learning how to live with the newness that’s coming, a friend of ours just lost his wife too early in life. Their family will be gathering and remembering a wonderful lady and learning to live with the change and loss. Our heart and prays go out to them.

It seems like it was just yesterday that Ro,Terry,Sue

and Donna walked me home to Kasidah that first night and weekend at the marina with Kasidah and the campfire where we meet Cameron and Rosemary.

My How Time Flies.