Monday, July 28, 2008

Oswego Harborfest. WOW

We left Friday to go up to Henderson Bay which would take us about 8 hours considering what we had for wind. Well 3 hours into the trip we notice our GPS was not tracking so Jon started to mess with the antenna with no luck, so we figured no problem we would just use paper charts and just watch out for the shoals that are all around Henderson. Then the wind started to die down and we knew we may not get in till dark and it would be tricky with the entrance but we would just watch the depth and be really careful. If you know me I am a big chicken and told Jon and Jill I thought it would be nice to go into Oswego and see what was going on since we were only about an hour from there, so off we went to Oswego. There were tons of boats rafting up to each other on the walls and a lot of partying going on. On the west side there is a couple of marinas and a park and
you can anchor in front but need to stay out of the entrance because huge cargo ships turn around in there and unload. We were told to be very careful because in some parts there is only 4 or 5 ft. So we went as far down the channel as we could and then started to feel for a nice place
and watch our depth. Well the depth did not seem to be a problem we were reading 13 to 15 ft. So we anchored and had dinner brought the doggies in for a walk and then came back to check under the boat. Well apparently our depth gauge is broken too…..We had plenty of room (2 to
3ft) however in other spots it was very shallow. We definitely made the right chose to go to Oswego instead. We had so much fun that Jon talked us into staying two night and we got to see the great parade of boats and the fireworks which were right in front of us. There was a great lightning storm in back of the fireworks so it was a double feature.

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