Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Work and all play

Had a nice weekend on the boat and even managed to get some work done. I started doing some more work on the outside with netting and I am in the prosses of making a full enclosure. Jon made an extension of one of the steps that has not been right. It always went in a little more than the others so sometimes you would miss it(not good) but problem solved.

It was a hot and muggy weekend so we went to the dunes just outside little Sodus with our dinghy and had lunch.

We had the whole

beach to ourselves a a few hours. A storm started to build so back to kasidah we went.
We arrived home on Monday to find that the storm had left a mess in the yard for me to pick up. The good news is that we are having more interest in the house so we are still keeping our fingers crossed…..

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