Monday, April 9, 2012

Thanks for Visiting our Blog.

We hope all of you that have been keeping up with the blog have enjoyed reading some of our adventures and looking at the photos of the wonderful places we've been.  It was the best winter so far on Kasidah in warmer weather. It wasn't trouble free,..but it wasn't like work. The boat worked GREAT and we had a Blast!! Jon and I are now back at Fair Point Marina for the summer. Jon and I are working for the summer there (which helps the cruising kitty) and I am trying to just keep warm, I'll visit with our girls they both are having a busy summer, traveling, deployment to Afghanistan, and moving maybe. There is dog sitting in my near future. We'll try to keep a few updates through the summer as we write our plans for next winter. Our plans are written in sand at low tide so you never know.

Thanks for looking and following.