Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wind, Wind and more Wind

This little girl just wanted to be in the photo. This is Joan and Bob S/V windwalker. They are from Canada and are just hanging like us. The photo is from Nippers on Great Guana Cay.

I am not trying to say we are not having a good time, but the weather here is just one cold front after another. We have been getting about one nice day a week and the rest of the time it is low 60s and winds in the 30s. We left Treasure Cay two days ago and the first thing that happened was we ran onto a sand bar(I won't point any fingers), we really quickly let our headsail out and timed each wave to hit our stern and give us a big push toward deeper waters. We started at about 3ft and with every wave pushing us 5 or so feet the depth started to climb and after five minutes of this we were in deeper waters. Kasidah was just amazing she moved and plowed through the sand and gave all she could to get us off. The boat would heel over about 45 degrees each time side to side and we would have to position ourselves for the drop. Once off we both just sat there and looked at each other for some time then began to laugh.

We are now back at Great Guana Cay and resting after a long night with winds clocked at 44kts all night long. On Tuesday another front is suppose to arrive with even more winds than the last and lasting even longer.


Anonymous said...

Hey - I saw one of the signs on the tree in the picture said Big Flats, NY - that is near where I grew up! Well 60 degrees ain't bad but wind wind wind can get on the nerves, that's for sure. Pretty cool how you got throught the sand bar. You guys are resourceful, all right. Safe sailing, Rosemary

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Thats very cool. See you soon