Sunday, February 21, 2010

Great Guana Cay

So we took the dock at the Marsh Harbor Marina. They were almost empty, and then they lowered their price and BOOM they were full. They have a Rib night on Tuesday, Great! Wednesday is cruisers meet and pot luck with 2 for 1 drinks.

Thursday we took a local water ferry to Hope town with Mike and Barry from Blind Faith. It was a 20 minute ride and we spent the whole day there walking to get to the Hope Town Light House. I mean it’s right there. All you had to do was walk around the bay and it’s well…….. 2 hours later we find out that you can’t get there by land. Everybody just kept pointing,.. that way mon. So we found a great bar and Grill, Captain Jacks. After the Ferry ride back, the walk back to the boats was questioned because we had hitched a ride in the morning and didn’t pay attention to where we were going. And after walking all of Hope Town looking for the frigging light house, well we did make it. Friday we went to a Junkanoo (Parade) (look it up) of school kids. They had street food and 4 schools with all of the costumes and music. It took 4 hours for 2 schools to get it together and march a ¼ mile. We just couldn't stay up any longer, it was murder I tell you.

We left Marsh Harbor Saturday Morning with a flock of other boats All headed for Great Guana Cay. We picked up a mooring ball in Fishers Bay and can sit for a couple of days. We have been to Nippers Bar and grill on the beach.
And plan on spending the day here today swimming and snorkeling. The singer “Barefoot man” sings of this place like Jimmy does of Key west. He has a tree from here on his CD and nippers is in many songs too. Check it out.
More later.

This is the poisonwood tree that is like poison Ivy and right next to it is the antidote tree for it.

This is "Charlie", He invited Sarah to is house for some drinks and to share is toys. They had a good time while we talked to his owner "Bob"

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