Monday, March 1, 2010

Just waiting on the weather

We are just sitting back waiting for the weather to change.
It seems like that's all we do here. Last night was Nippers BBQ so we went to have some fun with many other cruisers we have meet on the way.
Here in the Abacos like other warm places, spring break has already started and there were lots of young people there. It was a riot watching them get trashed and dancing on everything. They were all having a great time, but not to sure how they felt in the morning. Even one 93 year old lady that lives on the island joined in the fun and even had a beer with us.
It is Monday and this is the one nice day for the week so we are going to the beach to hang out, the really heavy wind will be here by morning and last till Thursday.


Pete & Joanne Wilson said...

Hey guys, Sorry to here about your weather blues, always seems either you have to much or to little wind. Your not missing anything in the North Country, we have had lots of wind in CT, more that usual, doesn’t do much for the comfort range. How are the dogs taking all this?? Can you recommend a bottom paint for sand?? Pete & Joanne

Fair Point said...

The video is great!

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Yes we do....Lots of it. We are right now going through a storm that will last till thursday. If you go to Passageweather you can click on this part of the map and see every 6 or so hours on how we are getting nailed

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Jon figured someone would like it:)