Thursday, February 25, 2010

Treasure Cay

Once again the weather is coming in and a new location needed to be found, so Treasure Cay is home for our anchor and us for the next few nights. It was a short sail from Great Guana, into a small bay with 20 boat all at anchor. We came in and set right where we wanted to be and the big anchor and chain set right in. They have a HUGE Marina here for $1.75 ft or $10.00 per night to anchor. With showers, free WIFI, trash dump and one of the top ten beaches in the world it’s a no brainer. Well the wind did come in about 11PM and man did it howl. It took 4 hours for it to turn the 180 degrees that we were promised and just like they said 35 mph gusting to 45 plus with a driving rain. Several boats did drag and needed to reset their anchors about midnight. Some of them are charter boats and the people are not real familiar with the boats and it makes for a better show than hanging out at the state boat launch on the weekends. I slept in our dry cockpit with the anchor alarm, free WIFI and XM radio. Stairway to Heaven at midnight always takes me back to my twenties. I was up till about 3 or 4 AM and then fell asleep. This morning the wind is still blowing and going to keep it up all day long. We have two more fronts coming in Saturday and Tuesday and they look just as ugly so we will move Friday and then try to do the Whale Cut Monday and hope for a weather opening to start our way back to the US.

You might remember (young) Captain Chris who helped Schyler and I deliver Kasidah from Myrtle Beach to Stuart Florida. Well he has a 42 ft Hunter that he is delivering to St Martin and will be going through the Abacos and we might see him this weekend at some anchorage, how cool would that be!

Thanks for watching.


Wilson said...

Your Find-Me-Spot GPS locater works well, found you link on another blog, cool to check in with. Hope your weather gets better. Not so good in CT..

Jon and Arline Libby said...

It does work great. We have been trying to hit it every time we move