Sunday, February 7, 2010

Final Destination?

We left West End on Grand Bahama Island, Tuesday morning and had to decide what cut to take onto Little Bahama Bank. We could go on the outside about 16 miles north and take the Memory Rock cut with plenty of depth or we could get a little gutsy and take the Indian cut which was a ¼ mile north but had 5ft MLW in many areas. Well we felt lucky and decided to take the Indian cut. We had to time it just before high tide to give ourselves a little room under our keel. Some of the boats waiting went north and seven of us choose the short cut. The shallower drafted boats went first and the deeper ones went last (that’s us). All of us kept the radios on and would report depths every minute or so. It was very nerve racking but we got the hang of it right away, “been there, done it”. Our first stop was Great Sail Cay which looks like a giant wishbone with one side broken and the crotch facing south. We all anchored in the northern part of the crotch in about 8ft of water. There was not much of a beach not much time to land the dog, so we picked the best part with lots of rock and a small amount of grass, all the dogs managed to find a spot to do their thing.
The next morning we all left about the same time to head for different places. We were headed for Powell Cay which is a private island but uninhabited for now, we anchored in 8 ft of water. The beach was one of the most beautiful beaches I have been on. The dogs got to finally do a little running off their leads and we did a little exploring. Berry and Mike of S/V Blind Faith anchored with us, they are the father, son team from Oswego. We had a few drinks that night and planned out the next day.
Thursday we woke up to another nice day in paradise and our last leg of our planned destination was finally upon us. We only had to travel twelve miles to Green Turtle Cay but had to enter just before high tide because the entrance can only carry 4 ½ @ MLW(we are 6 ft draft) and High tide was at noon. There are two sounds in Green Turtle and we were going to go into white sound but it was a little crowed so we opted for black sound which was probably the better choice because town is within walking distance from here. The entrance was narrow but no problems going in.
We walked around town with the dogs and had a few drinks, we met up with Berry and Mike who had a golf cart for the day so took a quick ride with them, and then headed back to the boat. You really have to watch the local dogs because they seem to know that Sara and Blue are foreigners and they are right over them if you don’t watch it.
We listened to our first Cruisers-net on the radio this morning; they are cruisers that talk about the weather and things to do on the islands. The weather is not that great right now and should be like this till at least Tuesday or so. We will need to stay put till better stuff arrives.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures. The two of you on the beach and those big smiles say it all!

Safe Travels

Bob Scott