Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Last minute move

This is the hours of the only bank on Green Turtle Cay:).
They did have lots of the food I love the best for Valentines day.

Jon and I were having some drinks and conversation with Eric and Ellen on S/V C/:Esc, they were leaving Monday morning early to pass through Whale cut, since the weather was going to be good for a day and you really need to take this one cut very seriously and only travel with the calmest of weather. I joked with Jon about just going with them and do the lower Abacos. He obviously took me seriously because he was up and ready to go by 7am. The weather was fine and we only saw some large fun swells at the Whale cut. Heading to Marsh Harbor the water took on every color from light blue to vibrant Turquoise with an average depth around 10ft. I put some line out in hopes to catch dinner but no luck today. The trip took us about 5 hours and the wind was right on our nose the whole way so we did a lot of motoring. We set anchor among about 60 boats, we were told that the bay could hold 2 or 3 hundred boat but this year’s weather has slowed the traffic down. It was a nice day with plenty of daylight left and S/V Blind Faith stopped by to say they were going snorkeling, so we grabbed the gear and off we went. The wind picked up over night and by morning it was blowing 25-30 out of the North West. We held fine but as we were looking around we notice Blind Faith started to drag so they pulled in the anchor to set in another place. We decided we would do a few island by ferry so we have pulled into Marsh Harbor marina for 65 cents a foot for a night or two. This way we can leave the dogs on board and not worry about the boat and the few storms that will be arriving in the next couple nights. I spent the first day washing everything down on Kasidah with fresh water. Jon was trying to get the watermaker to work but with no success so we will have to send it back to the company to see if they can figure it out. He also was trying to repair a few leaks that popped up in the front water bladder, we think they came from all the swishing around on the crossing.
We will be leaving here this weekend since it looks like some nice weather for a day or two and will head to Treasure Cay (they are suppose to have some of the best beaches in the world) and then back up to Green Turtle Cay or Nunjack to start to plan our trip back across the Atlantic.


Pete & Joanne Wilson said...

Hey your in luck for banking.. Today is Thursday.. Another thing. I see Arlene in jeans and long sleeve fleece, what’s up with that, I thought you were in the Bahamas, did you change your destination?? Maybe Alaska..

Pete & Joanne Wilson, M/V Tony-M, (originally Tom-Kat)

Jon and Arline Libby said...

andit12That's funny......It is cold here, but not snowing. They say this is really cold for this time of year. Oh well. I am planning the trip back to the states and am really looking forward to being back there soon. There are many things I miss but the trip has been an adventure.

ctkapoo said...

Wow.....I think I could handle fulltime positions as a teller. Get me an