Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Round of Filling in via GPS

This is Jill filling in for mom and dad again because I don't know when they will have internet again.

At about 800 hours on monday (2/15) mom and dad left the Green Turtle Cay and headed south east between Powell cay and Great Guana Cay and continued on a general southeastern direction to Great Abaco Island, at Marsh Harbour. They anchored here around 1215hrs and stayed there the rest of Monday and today. Although they did swing around in the harbour a little bit. But the anchorage looks very nice a cute town surrounding it. Looks like they have lots to see and do, hopefully they get internet up so they can show me video's on skype of the pretty beaches while I'm stuck here in the cold, snowy, windy, Brockport weather; vicariously living through their warm weather!

I will keep you updated. Here is a satellite image of where they are from their GPS.

~Jill (The Water Lover)