Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Filling In

This is Jill, filling in for mom and dad.

The weather was terrible down in the Bahama's where they where and it was only forcasted to get worse yet. Raining and a high seas warning mom and dad were planning to stay where they were until it let up next Monday and then leave for great sale cay. However, a boat with them (i don't know their names) left around 6 this morning and headed out, around 8 the hailed mom and dad telling them the weather and seas were not too bad. So mom and dad packed up and headed off with a couple other boats. They will be out of contact until Thursday or Friday. I will attempt to keep up posts of where they are.


ADDITION: Mom and Dad arrived at Great Sale Cay and it looks like they are anchored in a nice little cove protected from the coming weather.

ADDITION (February 3rd) :Tonight they arrived and anchored in Powel Cay which is just east of north Abaco island. Still without internet. From the satellite image it looks very pretty, I hope they took photos :D

ADDITION (February 4th): Today they sailed to Green Turtle Cay which is just south east of where they stayed last night. They are anchored, (or docked) in a nice little bay in the island that looks very cute with a small (unnamed) town surrounding it. They may get internet access tomorrow.


ctkapoo said...

May the force be with them.

Anonymous said...

Jon, this seems like a lot more
work than Jae Bee. You seem to be quite capable of handling what comes your way. Good to know you have made it to the Bahamas.

Be safe


PeregrineSea said...

Great to see a Cruising 36 doing what it was designed to do. Sold mine 3 years ago to buy a bigger boat. Bruce King loved this design and had one himself for a number of years.

Anyway - Welcome back home!

Seshat said...

Thank goodness!

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Update: Tonight (2/3) they arrived and anchored in Powel Cay which is just east of north Abaco island. Still without internet

オテモヤン said...
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