Sunday, January 31, 2010


Although it made the 5 day trip from Myrtle Beach seem easy. We left the Lake Worth inlet at Midnight and straight away had a tug with tow right in front of us with HUGE swells. The wind stayed South East longer than it was suppose to and made it impossible for us to make any south travel of our course to off set the north flowing Gulf Stream. So We ended up a little north of our target, West End. Then the wind went south just in time for us to try and make up the 10 miles we where off. Yeah on the nose and 20 Knts. OH before that the roller furler line of the head sail broke and unrolled the WHOLE friggen thing, and we had to tack around a tug with the whole thing out!! So the sail needed to be dealt with in BIG swells and Lots of water, (only Schyler, Tim and Jill will know that one) yes I was hooked up and waited till dawn. It took almost an hour to get the sail rolled up and in and then we had no head sail to help us into the wind. And the sail now needs some work so I'll change it out with our smaller yankee clip sail on tomorrow before we leave. (It should have been on in the first place JON!), Our faith in GE appliances is renewed once again. Learning that our microwave still works after it broke loose and took a 10 foot flight from Starboard to port along with the flour,sugar and coffee. What a mess it was to clean up but the microwave still works.....

But we made it by 12:30 Still. And it's Beautiful here at the marina. A little pricie but we'll work it off this summer. Three loads of laundry to wash and dry things out. 15 dollar a day surcharge for water (manditory). So we washed the boat and dogs too.

We'll leave here Tuesday because of weather and tides for Great Sail Cay and then to Man Jack Cay.

See if you can match up these titles with the right photo.
After 12 hours on the Gulf stream
The Marina
I miss my girls
Roller furling needs parts
I Miss my girls
Day 1 SCORE ! (Sorry Laurie)

Internet is here but I'm using the lobby computer, Wireless should be up tomorrow mon, maybe.

Love to all and miss you, Thanks for covering for us.

J and A


Grey Hound said...

Good on You Guys!!


Fair Winds!!!!!!!!

Jon and Arline Libby said...

It is down right ugly here. The weather just won't let up. We will be moving Tuesady to start heading for the abacos. The weather is just going to get worst so we need to move now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon & Arlene, We have been following you on your journey south. It seems that you have been busy shaking Kasidah out a little bit on the way, oh well it keeps you from getting bored. Jon, how are you doing with the witness protection program these days?? I thought that was a great line and I will have to put it in my inventory for later. After we parted with you in Watertown we made it home in one piece. We took on new crew @ Beacon NY, had to take the Harlem river through to Hells Gate because the president was at the United Nations, the crew wasn’t happy, he wanted to see Liberty and New York harbor, next time.. We are up on the hard for the winter and didn’t do much cruising when we got home, the weather was not good and the time too short.

Wishing you better luck and warmer weather -

Email Pete,