Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We say goodbye to "Our Best Friend"

Back in 2001 when we lived in Tully New York our oldest daughter started Collage in the late summer and as a mother I found myself lost, it was very hard to be there for everything she did.Then to see her off to a place knowing that I would only see her on weekends when she wanted to do laundry, come home for some of moms home cooking which I hoped would be every weekend, or hangout with her dad. During the first few weeks Jon and I thought it would be good for me to get a puppy because this would make me focus on something else and we had wanted a small dog for sometime.

So one day Jill and I went to a breeder which was really close to where we kept our first boat and started looking at puppies. The owner would bring out a few from the same litter but none really caught our attention. Finally she told us she had one last group of pups to show us and that they were the new designer dogs that year. Both Jill and I looked at her with puzzled faces and then she explained that the dad was a Scottie and the mom was a poodle which made these nonallergic and nonshedding dogs. She brought out seven or eight which was the whole litter in a basket and let them run around. Jill and I sat on the floor and watched them for a few minutes. They were the cutest little puppy's we had seen and decided we would pick one, but how do you pick one when they are all cute. All of a sudden one of them that was playing with Jill's shoelace stopped playing and went over to some newspaper to pee. That split second both Jill and I know this was the one for us. Jill always like the name Sarah so that was how she got her name.

Sarah has been a wonderful friend to our whole family and many people that came in contact with her,she will be missed by us all.

Sarah was having a hard time for the past three weeks and was on heart medicine but her heart just couldn't keep up and she died in my arms last night. Her last day she was very active, happy and even went to the beach bar and sat with Jon for awhile.

Our last day with her

her resting place

Her view
Sarah is now on her favorite beach where she loved to dig holes and go crabbing with her sister Blue.                  


Latitude 43 said...

Sorry to read you lost Sarah. It's tough to lose a friend like that. We still miss our pup after all these years.

Paul & Deb

Ctkapoo said...

Awwww that is so sad, but I know Sarah had a wonderful time and went everywhere with you. She was a great doggie guest too. Nice pix. Have you hugged your doggie today?

Jon and Arline Libby said...

We thank everyone from our blog to Facebook for the kind words.

J. said...

So sorry to ear of Sandy's passing over the "Rainbow Bridge".. They are family in every way.

John West
Southington CT

Pamela said...

So sorry to read about Sarah. Thinking about you.

Pam and Glen
Blue Pearl