Monday, February 18, 2013

What Cruisers Do

With Dale and Karen at Sarah's Beach
How could it get boring, It doesn't,...We have been busy doing a few more boat chores, a few more sun-downers,  beaches and really catching up with phone calls and e-mail to friends. The marina put up a new antenna for the WIFI and I'm (jon here) able to use my newer I-phone from below deck on the boat, this has really made me happy.

This is Arline and Karen, it's hard to tell from this photo but they look and act like sisters
I can even understand her when she says "Do you have one of those button putter on thingies?"
First the Sun-downers; We have found that the marina has been having a lot of cruising sailboats that are staying for a while and even a few trawlers, so we have found a taken over a fish cleaning station in front of one of the boats that wasn't used very often because the water to it isn't working. At 5 o'clock nearly daily we all gather with drinks and a dish and have a blast. Sometimes we do it on a boat that has created a large pot or dish of something that needed to be cooked off or it would go bad.

The large yacht of Jack Nickolas's, M/V Sea Bear, has been in the marina next to us for several weeks now with just it's crew. The weather was great again, Arline was doing a sewing project for some boaters, I was busy with new cruisers, helping them with issues of their own (It's what Cruisers do). The crew ask down from Sea Bear, "Anybody want to go out diving?" CRAP,... I had a meal to get ready for the days sun-downer and bah bah bah or is it yahda yahda yahda,.. I passed and took a rain check. They came back at  the end of the day and gave the cruisers here a bag of about 15 small lobster, and said "Pass them around", Thank You! Some of the folks took a couple but most said "Give it to Jon, he'll cook something" So the next day for sun-downers I made Lobster Thermador for like 6 boats,...MMMMMM. Did I say Thank You loud enough!

This is Percy the famous Bone-fish guide with the winning Mahi Mahi 

It gets Better by the day. The following day the crew again from M/V Sea Bear (Jacks Boat)) sticks their head over the rail and says "Hey Sun-downers are on us tonight!" So at our Fish Cleaning / Sun-Downer location they hosted a Dark and Stormy with beers evening. Dark and Stormy is a drink made with a dark local rum, Ginger beer and lime, and beer is beer. Again all us cruisers brought a dish and we all got to met the 1st mate Luke and Alex, Jacks hired fishing guide, we all shared story after story and killed a big bottle of Goslings Black Seal Rum and a case of beer. It what cruisers do. 

We are lucky to enjoy such a lifestyle, it may be for a limited time, but we know it and don't take a moment for granite.

We Left this as a marker for Sarah

Arline finished center panel window

Arline at work
One of our friends on  the island lost the front wind panel to his center cockpit boat (he is a local). This is one of the sewing things Arline did. As non island people if we were to take money for this it would piss off the locals, so it was a free-be if you will. But the good will earned will serve us for a long time.

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