Monday, January 28, 2013

Days well spent...

mail boat shows up every two or so weeks to restock the shelves  
Dentist flown in

We have been busy here working on boat projects in the morning and then enjoying the beaches and water during the afternoon. the temp has been pretty much in the 80s since we arrived and even when the cold fronts pass it really has been quite nice.

Hermit crab in a large conch shell
Sarah has been feeling a little better but still she is not herself and probably wont be but she seems happy and content just to find a place and sleep the day away.
Sarah sitting in some shade
While on the beach the other day I came across a huge hermit crab living in a large conch shell. Im not sure if you can eat them or not but he was big enough to do just that.
Sarah s new seat
We caught a few fish and lobster so Jon called his nephew Garrett who is going to school to become a chef and got a few ideas for dinner, it was outstanding.
Seafood primavera  yum yum
Beach party with The Bacardi kids
Dinner with new friends
We got together with a few other cruisers and went out to the beach bar for dinner and noticed they were having a beach party so we joined in the fun. It just happened to be some of the Bacardi kids they flow in for some activities they are having on the island. The night was so beautiful and the sound of the ocean waves and the crackling of the fire was so peaceful that it almost put me to sleep.
Another job for Jon on a Hunter (Jon helped tow him in)
Sarah with her piggy  ready for bed

A Hunter sailboat owned by Jim and Nancy arrived at anchor the other night and come to find out it had engine problems, Jon and another sailor John helped tow him in the cut with the dinghy's. Once Jim found out Jon new a little about these engines he asked him to look at it, which Jon knew right away what the problem was. He spent the morning in the locker pulling things apart and by noon the boat was back together and ready to travel again. Jim and Nancy were very grateful for the help.

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