Friday, February 15, 2013

Going hunting on My Way Too.

Once again Sandy invited us out but this time on "My Way Too" for a day of hunting Lobsters so we jumped on his offer. Sandy is very outgoing and always looking for something to have fun with.
Just like many people we have met here he is willing to show us around and show us how to have fun while on the island.

He brought us way out to a spot with almost thirty feet of water and told Jon to jump in and see what was down there.
Jon said he would do his best and grabbed his pole.  He came up a bit later and said there was a large nurse shark down there and that it was way too deep for his lungs to be able to take a shot at anything. Jon got in the boat and also realized he had pulled his neck from looking up too quick when he was at the bottom. After that Sandy went down and scouted out the different sites. He brought two Lobsters up that were huge, so this meant dinner for all of us later that night. 

West side of Little Stirrup where cruise ships come in
Sandy, Francisco and me 

5 0clock somewhere
Boomer- Sandy's island dog
Lookout spot at the channel entrance

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