Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sitting pretty in the Grand Bahamas

Friends Jim and Nancy, they keep their boat in Indiantown also.

We never thought we would ever spend more than a night or two in Grand Bahamas but here we are and we are having a good time exploring the island by bike and dinghy. Almost everyday we ride the bike seven to ten miles which we find is great exercise for us. We have been to Freeport and many little beach in between there and Bell Channel, Lucaya.

Lunch in Lucaya

Exploring the beaches

We finally had a north wind and brought the dinghy out the channel and went fishing,then we searched for coral heads to snorkel over. The water gets really deep quick because the channel opens right up to the ocean.  We didn't catch any fish but it was fun heading down to Bell Channel and exploring new canals and places that we will try to find one day by bike.
The flowers are gorgeous here
my favorite flower so far
Alex,Mary,Jon and I at Banana Cove
Last night Alex and Mary (we know them from lake Ontario) came over and invited us to their condo for dinner and to chit chat about things. It was a great evening and today we will hit the beach with them. 

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