Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lots of Biking.

We have been doing a lot of biking here on the island and checking out all the beaches, small shops, beach bars and going down every trail that looks like we can travel by bike.

This ship is from More Fart......

We never gave Grand Bahama a thought when picking out places to visit and really staying for a while to get the real feel of the place but we are really enjoying it here.

We went to the Freeport ship yard and were able to get right up to the ships so we explored there for a while looking at how they load all the containers and pack them in just so. The cruise ships are here too so we watched them for a while.

 We found a trail that lead to a beach and just off that is a cemetery with a memorial dating in the 70s for some Haitian people that were fleeing their country and the boat went down right off the beach, all perished that day.

Like all tourist towns there is a cool bar that has dollars stapled to the walls from people all over the world, we see this a lot but there are different items in different places, some have burgees, some have t-shirts others that are late night party places have bras and undies.

No luck on fishing here but we will start trying to spar lobster next week because the season is over at the end of March and we want to have a freezer full for the kids.

Jon has had two boat repairs since we have been here, one on a 31ft Hunter which was a water pressure issue and one on a powerboat both were fixed and done right.

Blue on watch

Very hot


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