Thursday, October 29, 2009

Still waiting.......

We are still here in Cambridge, MD. waiting to have the work done on Kasidah. We decided on New custom davits, Radar with AIS-b, Wind, 2- 135 watt solar panels and possibly a ladder custom made by them(If you have used our ladder you know why we need this). We also are working on installing the watermaker behind the head in the storage area. I also changed the side panels of our canvas to clear panels so we can put them up during our trip down the ICW. We figure the weather will start to get a little chilly.

The owners of Mid-Shore Electronics invited us out to dinner the other night with another couple, it was a great time and we all had lots in common to talk about. The special that night was called the "Stimulus meal" it was very cheap and very good but they ran out of a few items a little early. This is Frank, Debbie, Leann and Chet (Thanks for the great night guys). Mid-Shores is suppose to be some of the best in the area to do the boat work so we are thinking the wait will be worth it(not to long if you are reading this Frank:)).

We just got back from getting info for the Bahamas from Ray and Susan. They live on "Copeing" most of the time which is hull number 1. The inside is just gorgeous and you feel like your in a house and not on the water when you are inside. The engine room is almost as big as our garage was on Ryan rd. They are having fuel delivered Friday so we will have them fill us up too, the only difference is that we are getting about 15 gallon and they are getting 1500 gallons. WOW


greyhound said...

it looks like you have a big drink glass in front of ya.......what was it full of????

Jon and Arline Libby said...

I would like to tell you something really good but it was the bottom feeders kind of drink;).

greyhound said...

Well, us "bottom feeders" have to stick together! Hope things are moving along for you, Guys! Just to let you know you are missing 0-ought-nothing-yuck up here! We had a pretty hard frost here this am at the townhouse.......Cold stinks! (they're calling for snow showers soon) :-(

On the better side it actually warmed up enough to do some cleaning done down below on Grey Hound....with any luck it'll be dried enough to get more done tomorrow.....We'll see.

Keep in touch and we'll keep trying to catch up with you South!

That's all for now, Folks!!!!