Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We finally made it.....

Cape May was a good place to stop and rest for a day. Some other cruisers we meet up north came in and rented a slip for 2.75 a foot and were just going to stay one night than move over to the anchoring area with us. Well when the tide went out they were on bottom and could not leave, they had to pay for another night. I am sorry but that seems like it should be a no charge night since they can’t leave…..
We went over to visit and had a glass of wine with them.

This is Tom and Maureen. Tom is a dentist and Maureen is an O. R. nurse so this is good company to be traveling with.
The night before departing from Cape May we stopped into town at the Lobster House with Dink to pick up some fresh seafood. This place had everything….. I went for the Large shrimp, ½ dozen oysters, seafood pasta, cucumber salad and some onion poppy bread, total bill with tip $21.25. Everything was awesome.
On our last night walk with the dogs Sara found this huge crab and cornered it. The crab was defending itself by showing its claws and Sara had know idea what to think of it. I finally broke it up and let the crab go on its way (next one won’t be that lucky or maybe Sara won’t be….).
We left Cape May at Sunrise and headed out the Cape May canal which has 7.5 ft. and two bridges 55ft high, we measured a few times just to make sure we could fit(51ft Kasidah is). Then we headed up the Delaware Bay with the current in our favor. What a nice day we had. We started off Sailing but then the wind died so we had to motor sail and then motor. The temp was around 75 to 80 and all our outer wear started to come off. This is what I have been waiting for. All the way down it has been none stop things to do places to get to and always with some type of weather. Now today was great, Ya I know the sailing was not that great but we are use to sailing in cold crappy weather so this was fine not to sail for a day and have some wonderful weather.
We made our way up the Delaware Bay to the Cohansey River to anchor for the night. Tom and Maureen came in just before us. This river has so many turns in it that you think you may be at the end and another turn comes up. We anchored around the first corner just inside the cut. We went up the river with dink to get Gas, Diesel and some water. We found a nice little marina that had all we needed and moreJ. They also had this huge thing that looked like a UFO.
Bright and early we left for the C&D canal. We were able to sail most of the way up the Bay but when we got to the canal sailing is not permitted so motoring was the way for the 14 mile canal trip. It was Sunday and pretty quiet till we reached about the half way point and then there were so many power boats racing by us in all directions, every boat looked to have full capacity. Once on the Chesapeake we decided to anchor in the Sassafras River and finish off down the Chesapeake in the morning to Annapolis which is the first long stop on our journey.
We woke up at sunrise to walk the dogs and get Kasidah ready for the day. At the beach we did notice lots of horse tracks and where turtles had come up to lay eggs or something. Sara and Blue ran around for a few minutes before we made our way back to the boat.
We were able to sail all the way to Annapolis which was a lot of fun except dodging all the crab pot markers(that’s a real challenge).
Annapolis came quick, I called the Harbormaster(thanks to S/V Veranda) for a little info on the mooring balls and anchorage and he said moorings were all taken up at that point and to anchor would be tight so we decided to head one creek up from Spa Creek to a very quiet place called Weems creek. We went in with S/V Ozy to see what we could find and the anchorage was fine no problems for both of us to find a spot. We just happened to see some people on S/V Summer Dream which we meet on the Erie Canal so that was very cool.
Weems creek is a little out of the spot light of the boat show but they have trolleys that will take us there and if we choose to walk it is only about 20 minute or less.
The second day we took Dink out and around to Spa creek to scope the anchorage out. We did see a few places that we could squeeze into but we decided for now we would stay put in Weems creek.

As we were going by the city mooring balls Jon happened to pick out S/V Kismit, they are friends of Dick and Ann and are from Sodus NY. They were not on the boat but we left them out card. We picked up 15 gallons of water and found out that if we need a pump out they will come to us so this makes things a little easier.


Anonymous said...

I'm lovin' your trip blog!


Paul and Deb said...

Soooo jealous. It was 43 degrees up here when I went to work this morning. :(

So, is blue named after the beer? My sister had a Golden named Molson.
We are enjoying the reports, and learning from them. Have fun!
S/V KellyNicole
Sodus Bay NY

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Thanks for watching. Blue is named after a cat that a friend had,and yes the cat was named after Blue beer. The same day we got our dog the cat went to kitty heaven so we named her that because we liked the cat so much. This trip is harder than I thought on me. I get really stressed about things so I am sure it will take awhile to settle in on a good cruising pace. The wind was gusting up to 45 today which was really wild at the anchorage. Our manson supreme hold tight for us......

greyhound said...

hey guys, we'll try to track you down today......sure glad we were not in the water on Lake Ontario yesterday!!

Anonymous said...

This is so great to read, I feel (wish)I'm with you guys. Oh yeah, I am also so jealous. Have fun.

Sue & Dennis

Jon and Arline Libby said...

It still hasn't sunk in yet (Shouldn't use that word, sunk,) that we've left, or that it's any differnt than any other fall. We are still meeting people we know from home and we have just been very busy figuring out how to handle this new life. Thanks for watching.

mvmaithai said...

Hello, found your blog from SoundBounder. We are powerboaters, but really sailors at heart, as we like to cruise slow and we love to anchor!
We started cruising in 2001, and are currently on the TN River. So, we are envious of cruisers like you, starting out and having an adventure of a lifetime! My blog has some some video clips of ports that we've visited, in case you are interested.
Enjoy the Cheasapeake Bay. Solomons is an excellent place to provision.