Saturday, November 7, 2009

Getting Colder

This week has been filled with all different types of projects. We added a few solar vents to help with condensation and bought a renewable water absorber doohickey to replace some of the ones that just fill with water (condensation) and then you throw them out.

We had the door made behind the head for the watermaker, this cost way more than we expected to have been. Jon will be doing more of this type of work if we want to stay out here.
We are working on the installation of it today so we should be able to make water before long. I sent the doggie’s paper work to the Bahamas on Monday because of course they are on “Island Time” and could take a month to get back to us.
Andy the Stainless Steel guy came on Wednesday and took all the measurements for the Davit system and will be back to do a fit Monday. We plan on being back on the water and moving some time this coming week which is a good thing because the temp is slowly dropping.

Ray invited us over to his “Ship” Copeing on Wednesday night to go over his charts and waypoints for the Bahamas, so I made a nice dinner and it ended the day off with good company and more knowledge for us to use.

Most of the Crab man have stopped crabbing for the season and started bringing in Oysters, we ended up with a huge amount last night because one of the boats brought a large basket in for the owner of Mid-Shore and he was away for the weekend(Jon is in his glory). I bought a small crab pot and have been trying my crabbing out but every time I get a crab the little booger seems to get out as soon as I reach the surface with the pot.
Every morning we walk the dogs down by the river where there are a few marina’s, well the night before Jon had woken to a three alarm fire and was wondering where it may have been. On this walk we found what had caused the alarm. At this one marina a large boat had caught fire and burned right to the ground. This really brings chills to our bones. We have been told that this was the third fire there this year. I smell something fishy in the air…….


greyhound said...

well we tried to have one more good day at FP today just because it was in the high 60"s. Your truck is still there. Jerry has tried to sell it but nobody will give him anything for it!
GH is ready to cruise. Another 3 weeks and we are going to head south with her.....we'll find you somewhere!!

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Well it is starting to look like you will beat us there. The work was supose to be done today....complete....Nothing has been done on the boat so far but they have deposits from us so we can't just pack it up and call it a lesson. We are planning on leaving Friday. If we have to load everything on the freaken boat Friday and install it ourselves so be it.....We will keep you posted.

greyhound said...

You will have much more fun at an anchorage that is warm. It looks like it's time to pull out of Dodge as soon as you can.

Good luck you guys.....

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Well we are getting hammered by wind today and it looks like for the next two day in will be increasing. So its sort of good that we are still here. We talked to some sailors that are in the Carolina's and the wind is a lot higher and with lots more rain.

greyhound said...

Yup, Looks like 'ol Ida is having her way. Stay warm.

Jeff has made landfall in Tortola, we monitored Lucky Bird's progress all the way down and it seemed to be quite a sleigh ride for the 20th Caribbean 1500! They had good wind and sometimes lots' 'o wind and seas. Can't wait to get his "take" when he gets back here. Right now they're probably enjoying a rum drink and sharing some wild stories with the other boats.

That's all for now, Folks!