Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fun at the Boat Show

Wednesday our friends Schyler and Laurie from Skaneateles,NY came to work the boat show and to stay with us for a couple days. We had a great time walking the boat show with them. They had a truck for us to use so we went shopping and picked up some gas and water. They also brought us all kinds of goodies which we could really use(wine,beer).
Thursday we went to the boat show and meet a few people that we know from New York and from the Blogs that we watch.
We were able to get into the show thanks to Andy and Carole owners of KTI which make the Filter Boss, we installed one on the boat when we first bought her. The filter boss is an awesome part of Kasidah and we would recommend it to anyone with a diesel engine (Thanks guys for the tickets).
Laurie and I just had to go see Bob Bitchin of Lats & Atts Magazine. This is the only sailing magazine we ever subscribed to. If you have never read a copy you should really pick one up and read it you will be hooked like us.
It’s amazing how small the world really is when you start seeing people you know from different places or even from the internet. We were checking a boat out that Skyler and Laurie would like to purchase and while boarding I heard a mans voice that I just knew was Jim from Kismit and sure enough it was him, then we went into a boat store to try on some shoes and I was talking to a lady who I said to Jon “This is really weird but I think that’s Christy from Veranda” and sure enough when she came back I was right on the nose. They are a couple that are cruising just like us but have been out there for a few years. We only knew them through the blogs till now.

After Fridays show we meet up with Dick and Ann and they invited us to a locals pub to have drinks and dinner with a whole crowd of people that once lived in New York. This was a great time and the food was fantastic.
Saturday Skyler and Laurie departed for home and we took care of a few things on the boat before heading in to the Bash at the Eastport Yacht
Jon and I purchased a Honda 2000 generator, an Engel Frig-Freezer and Headsets that we can wear hands free to communicate on deck.


brian.king said...

Hey Jon & Arline, somehow I lost your current email address. I think you still have mine. Please send me an email with your current address. Thanks, Brian King

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Hi Guy's
Hows everything going?
You can find our email at the bottom of this page on the left under profile....or I can give it to
We are in Cambridge Md. heading south.

Eric said...

Jon & Arline:

Wow........ what a wonderful adventure - I am highly jealous. I hope that you are doing better with the weather than we are - you picked a good year to leave.


Jon and Arline Libby said...


Thank you for thinking that of us. Each day we think how luckly we are and have been. Then we take a deep breath and look again. It's not easy tring to live FREE out here,and it is an adventure. There is something we must learn around every corner and something new every day.

greyhound said...

learning around the corner is more fun than sitting in Syracuse when it's 45 degrees, with sleet and rain!

Keep heading south you guys!!!!!!!!!!

Jon and Arline Libby said...

We are still in Cambridge. Not sure yet if we will stay for a few weeks or not. Will know Thursday.