Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We left Annapolis and headed about 40 miles south east on the bay to Choptank River. We headed east up the river about two hours to Cambridge,MD. It was very cold on the water so Jon stayed at the helm most of the trip. The first night we stayed at a free wall in front of the Cambridge County office buildings. When we first pulled up Jon went very slow just in case it was to shallow.At that point on the wall at low tide we did touch ever so lightly so Jon backed off and went all the way to the other side of the wall, which was in 8 ft of water. The next morning we scouted out the area and found the shop we were looking for to have some work done on the stern. The shop was just inside of a draw bridge and we would be backing Kasidah up between pilings. This would be the first time this trip we would call for the opening of a draw bridge and tieing to pilings(been there, done it) . These guys are so nice here. The shop is Mid-Shore Electronics and they can arrange for all kinds of work. We are waiting for the Stainless Steel guy to see if he can get the type of stainless for the stern to custom fab our davits...ect for us in a short time. If he can, we figure we will be here till the first part of November. If he can't get it in a reasonable time than we will be leaving this friday for warmer weather. This has been our plan all along so hopefully it all works out.

In the next slip over is a crab boat, So I went over to talk to Scott the owner about crabbing and all that stuff. he said that the bait of the week is cow lips ...Yum Yum. He was telling us that with the weather getting cold the females start to head south to about Virgina or so till spring and then it will pick back up here. He will stop crabbing and start to fish and drag for oysters over the winter months. Scott has been doing this since he graduated from school and said he loves his work and could'nt see doing anything else.


ctkapoo said...

I was hoping to see a picture of the cow lips. :)

Snow in parts of New England over the weekend. Garrett googled you in Computer class and they decided Garrett's uncle was the Gorden's Fisherman. :)

Brian said...

Hey Jon & Arline,,, how is life on Kasidah? From your blog, it sounds pretty nice. I see you are using a Manson Supreme anchor; why did you choose the Supreme and not the Rocna? Karen and I want to get a new anchor to replace our 35# CQR – we dragged in Sodus this summer and spent the rest of the night “sleeping” in the cockpit. So let me know you thoughts on the new anchor and why you choose the Supreme over the Rocna. I lost your email address so send me a response and then I'll have it. My email is:

Sean said...

Hey guys, I just got up to speed on your trip. Its lookin' like you're having a blast of a time and I'm supremely jelous. Keep the updates coming!
I also ran across a piece of news that I was unsure if you knew about. When you get down to the Charleston SC area, there's a bridge closed on the ICW. Its the Ben Sawyer and this will be in effect from 11/13 to 11/23.
Happy Boating!

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Hello Jackson,
We were just talking about you. Trust me it was all good. We are stuck in Cambridge MD till about Nov 10th so this will not effect us. However Jon was talking about heading out again on a passage outside around the end of Nov. and I am not sure I want to do it again with the dogs however I would love to drive a mustang again......Just kidding. Let us know if you have any time off in the next month or so, or would like to visit once we are where ever we are going. Back Berth is always yours. Jon and Arline